Translation of Inuit in Spanish:


esquimal, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnʊɪt//ˈɪnjʊɪt//ˈɪn(j)uɪt/


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    (masculine and feminine) esquimal
    • It's a generic term for one of the tribes of Native Americans who live in the far north of the continent, but Inuits, like their Yupik neighbours, don't like the term.
    • The Inuits of Alaska also tattooed themselves in preparation for death rituals.
    • Many of us in this country - Québecois, Natives, Métis, Inuits, Acadians - are citizens by conquest and not by choice.
    • The Inuits' traditional caribou skin garments protect against severe cold, and a cowboy's chaps protect against thorny vegetation.
    • The Pueblo Indians of the Southwest prayed for rain, while the Inuits of Alaska honored the whale and caribou that sustained them.
    • In the United States and Europe, this disorder is most common in Ashkenazi Jews, followed by Hispanics, Yugoslavs, Native American Inuits, and Italians.
    • Marine mammals which have high levels of contaminants stored in their fat, organs, and skin are heavily consumed by Inuits as part of their traditional diets.
    • There are, however, major differences between the diet of Faroese and the diet of Inuits, and care must be exerted before one concludes that Inuit children are at risk.
    • But in between campaigns, the Canadian Inuits have stunning rates of suicide, substance abuse and disease.
    • As with the cliche about Inuits having 20 words for snow, the Japanese have about 20 ways to refer to ‘self’, as well as nuanced honorifics that simply do not translate into English.
    • Mercury is mainly present as methylmercury in fish and marine mammals, and their consumption constitutes an important source of exposure, especially in sustenance populations such as the Inuits.
    • The member of a very rare blood group most often found among Inuits of northern Canada.
    • South Asians in Britain, Inuits in Canada, Maoris in New Zealand, and Aborigines in Australia receive poorer care and less care than their non-minority countrymen.
    • With archeological evidence suggesting some 4,000 years of continuous habitation, the Inuits of Igloolik have a native culture expressed almost wholly through an oral tradition.
    • My background is Inupiaq Eskimo, which is the northern most tribe of Inuits in Alaska.
    • Anthropologists agree that Greenland's modern Inuits are descended from the Thule.
    • Igloolik has been inhabited by Inuits, referred to in the past as ‘Eskimos’, for thousands of years.
    • Of the two types, the hepatitis B virus or HBV poses the greatest health threat and most affects Chinese, Africans and Inuits.
    • ‘They're the environmental sensors; they're in contact with the land,’ Herscovici says of the Inuits.
    • In 1953, in order to make room for a new Nike missile battery, the US commander gave the Inuits but four days to evacuate their homes.
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    esquimal masculine
    • He quickly learns Greek and reads Homer before moving on to Hebrew, Japanese, Old Norse and Inuit, along with advanced mathematics.
    • The story about Inuit (or Inuktitut, or Yup'ik, or more generally, Eskimo) words for snow is completely wrong.
    • The infamous Eskimo snow words meme is spread by people who don't know about Inuit or any related language.
    • The newly elected members of Nunavut's first legislative assembly are a mixture of young, old and many of them are able to speak Inuit, French and English.
    • While Aleut is considered a separate language, Eskimo branches into Inuit and Yup'ik.