Translation of inundation in Spanish:


inundación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnʌnˈdeɪʃn//ˌɪnənˈdeɪʃ(ə)n/



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    inundación feminine
    • I am proud to say this year, there has not been even small amount of inundation.
    • Some maps also included information about how fast the flow of water might be over land or how long the inundation might last.
    • Not only will you have the greatest depth and the slackest flow but also you won't be in danger of an inundation.
    • Flood defence experts are to give householders in the Hambleton area advice on how to protect their homes from inundation.
    • Following persistent inundation, forests may be destroyed in a relatively short period of time.
    • It lies in a pit, which, during the inundation, is filled with water.
    • The annual inundation of the Nile increased the likelihood of waterborne infections.
    • Dangerous areas cannot be identified systematically and consistently, nor can reliable data be obtained on frequency of inundation.
    • The Epic of Gilgamesh describes a flood which preceded the Biblical inundation by at least a thousand years.
    • He was appealed to at times of famine caused by low inundation of the Nile.
    • Provided burial is not too deep, plants will recover within weeks or months of inundation.
    • A former church, which stood on the same site, was washed down by an inundation in 1271.
    • In coastal regions sea level rise will lead to more coastal inundation.
    • Expeditions were sent to Abyssinia to ascertain the cause of the inundation of the Nile.
    • A disabled man has been helped to replace his car, which was damaged in the inundations.
    • Due to the periodic tidal inundation of the experimental plots, fertilizer application was required on a regular basis.
    • The inundation at two spots on the Tangerang toll road this past week has been a major source of frustration.
    • Similar inundations were a regular occurrence back then, bringing the added risk of starvation to survivors due to the disruption caused to agriculture.
    • They bring with them devastating winds, heavy rain and the threat of coastal inundation from tidal surges.
    • Building over the floodplain will cause increased inundation lower down.
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    (heavy rain)
    diluvio masculine