Translation of invade in Spanish:


invadir, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈveɪd//ɪnˈveɪd/

transitive verb

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    • I am just inquiring, what was the British tradition in relation to maintaining discipline of its forces when they were invading countries like India?
    • Certainly they're not going start a war, chemical, biological or nuclear within the country unless we provoke them to it by invading the country.
    • On the pretext of a threat to their security, they invade an independent country far away from home.
    • No doubt his resolution was steeled by news of disasters from the front, as Prussia entered the war and prepared to invade French territory.
    • The island is invaded by outsiders.
    • My father was part of the force that would have invaded the mainland.
    • The invading army numbered approximately 100,000 troops.
    • Hitler invaded Poland on 1 September 1939.
    • The president went to war to establish the principle you cannot unilaterally invade another country.
    • The territory was invaded first by Scandinavians and later by the Normans, to be ruled by a French-speaking monarchy and nobility until the 15th century.
    • For half a century they held out against the invading Romans.
    • But it was your country that wanted to invade this place.
    • Then, on November 5th, 1881, a force of 1589 soldiers and armed police invaded the village.
    • The book was probably taken to Ireland by the monks of Iona when they were put to flight by invading Vikings at the beginning of the 9th century.
    • William spent the winter months preparing and then, once ready, waited for the right moment to invade the country.
    • They were the first casualties since the allies invaded the country.
    • His legend was born out of the Battle of Badon Hill, a battle which devastated the invading Saxon army.
    • She was still in Hong Kong when the Japanese forces invaded that territory in 1941.
    • British armed forces invaded Mesopotamia in 1914 with promises of freedom—from the Turks.
    • Mongolian forces invaded Koryo in 1231 and occupied the kingdom until 1368.
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    (environment/room) invadir
    to invade sb's privacy invadir / vulnerar la intimidad de algn
    • One irritatingly clever woman in the back kept offering solid suggestion, such as a new ramp to the site off Highway 20 to prevent a lot of traffic from invading the area.
    • He was someone special enough that they could let him invade their comfortable place.
    • After protesters emerged from invading the conference centre, hundreds of people staged an impromptu march around the vast hall.
    • Datura ferox seeds were collected from plants invading soybean fields in Junín, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    • Well, the big deal is that suburbia is rapidly invading areas that were once considered more natural than man-made.
    • Government embarked in 2000 on land reforms which saw veterans of the liberation war along with pro-government supporters invading white-owned farms.
    • Detailed field experiments on current generation GM crops show that in a range of environments they are very unlikely to invade the countryside and become problematic plants.
    • The crickets chirped while the sky ahead turned even darker, the clouds invading the sky and emerging the triumphant winner.
    • I refer to the hordes of people from cheap hotels, apartments and cruise ships who invade the space at Sandy Lane.
    • Ramblers never wanted the right to invade the countryside, just the opportunity to appreciate it.
    • For the patients of Oregon State Mental Hospital, the experience of having the cast and crew invade their world turned out to be a positive one.
    • We are used to wildlife invading our living rooms.
    • Then, activists invaded the public space of lunch counters and voter registration offices simply to eat lunch and register to vote.
    • Swindon's Sea Scouts invaded a shopping centre car park to raise money for a new safety boat.
    • What is happening on the football terraces, and now invading the cricket fields, encourages one to believe the spirit of English sportsmanship is in decline.
    • Chitambo community relations coordinator, Fredrick Mbulwe said the project started last September to reduce the number of elephant cases invading the area.
    • Nelson had managed to round up about 600 of the animals, before activists once again invaded his farm on October 23 and released the recaptured animals.
    • Depending on the size of the bog garden and the maintenance levels, some reeds and rushes should be avoided because of the tendency to completely invade the area.
    • The minute he said that a heavy atmosphere of silence invaded the place.
    • Within his elaborate composition, this pale blue curtain ended up by invading the background space of the scene and almost completely concealed it.
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    Biology Medicine
    • Neutrophils play a key role in the body's defense against invading bacteria.
    • Tiny organisms that invade the body cause infections that can make you ill.
    • Now when anything invades another cell, or particularly when a parasite invades a red blood cell, they have to multiply.
    • This destroys more T-cells, which damages the body's ability to fight off invading germs and disease.
    • This cancer can invade nearby tissue but rarely, if ever, spreads (metastasizes).
    • Barely two months later, the insidious disease had invaded Carol's lungs and brain.
    • Increases in urinary progestins and estrogens may lead to a decreased ability of the lower urinary tract to resist invading bacteria.
    • It is also the source of our immune system's ability to consume or otherwise incorporate invading bacteria and sometimes to benefit by their presence.
    • The low iron levels associated with infection are the body's way of keeping iron away from invading bacteria.
    • How platelets help cancer invade other tissues Category: Cancer / Oncology News
    • Plants are exposed to a great number of pathogenic microorganisms, but a relatively small proportion of them are able to invade plants and cause diseases.
    • They are not normally present in significant quantities until a plant is invaded by disease.
    • Through a series of steps called the immune response, the immune system attacks organisms and substances that invade our systems and cause disease.
    • Scientists do not know why some people infected with West Nile virus have no symptoms or a mild flu-like illness, while in others the virus invades the central nervous system and causes paralysis or coma.
    • The inevitable anomaly exists as to how pathogens invade plants containing potentially toxic levels of constitutive antifungal compounds.
    • Vaccines can stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies or specialized cells or both to stop invading viruses.
    • The most common type of granulocyte, the neutrophils, move to infected parts of the body to engulf and consume invading bacteria.
    • If so, perhaps the cell surface would become more amenable to invading bacteria.
    • The next time the mosquito feeds, the parasites invade a new victim.
    • Rarely, the infection invades the liver and causes an abscess.

intransitive verb


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