Translation of invaluable in Spanish:


inapreciable, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈvælj(u)əb(ə)l//ɪnˈvaljʊ(ə)b(ə)l/


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    invalorable Latin America
    • Dr Anderson said the meetings had given him an invaluable insight into the problems farmers had faced.
    • Sangh does not want to waste its invaluable time in abusing or criticizing others.
    • Certainly, Holinshed's work was an invaluable source for poets and dramatists at this time.
    • Few will agree with every opinion expressed by the Civic Trust, but we can all agree that its work is invaluable.
    • The thought of him will always be to us an invaluable source of encouragement and fortitude.
    • Carers see us as a lifeline and many professionals have said they find the carer support service invaluable.
    • Coast Watchers and their indigenous helpers also organized an invaluable rescue service.
    • Watch schemes are an invaluable source of grass root information and intelligence.
    • We know from talking to companies that an experienced executive would be invaluable in this situation.
    • The information could be invaluable if a giant comet ever threatened the Earth.
    • Cars can be rented locally, but if you want to get the most out of any experience, the services of a guide are invaluable.
    • They were devoting much of their time to it and had received invaluable support from family and friends.
    • The work was then put on video and stored as an invaluable source of reference.
    • To still have that type of player around the scene would be invaluable.
    • Mr Crump says the help he has received from Macmillan nurses is invaluable.
    • They both endorsed the course saying it had proved an invaluable learning curve before giving birth.
    • Thanks to the New England Journal of Medicine for this invaluable information.
    • This has proved invaluable in solving every crime in which the perpetrator is attempting anonymity.
    • The knowledge and information they have been given will prove invaluable.
    • It is also an invaluable act of citizenship and is as diverse as society itself.