Translation of invariably in Spanish:


invariablemente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnˈvɛriəbli//ɪnˈvɛːrɪəbli/


  • 1

    (different/correct) invariablemente
    (different/correct) siempre
    the result is invariably the same el resultado es siempre / invariablemente el mismo
    • he is invariably cheerful siempre está alegre
    • he invariably disappears when there's work to be done siempre que hay algo que hacer, desaparece
    • So much expectation of having a good time invariably leads to disappointment.
    • In this context, artists invariably become passive pawns in someone else's game.
    • Fishing a lovely loch, or lake even, for the first time is invariably an uplifting experience.
    • Some you travel with longer, but you invariably get off at different stations.
    • Leave it all be, and everything will come good in the end like it invariably always does.
    • The wise old heads would advise him to lay up, but he'd invariably go for the big shot.
    • Moving on to the invariably amusing or mildly interesting search engine hits.
    • We were spared that dubious solemn expression he invariably adopts for such occasions.
    • This type is particularly irritating because their children invariably do well.
    • They are virtually unimpeachable in the unbiased, invariably correct reading of a race.
    • The meal was invariably gone when he got back, however, and no-one ever worked out how.
    • The trimmings are invariably the most fiddly part of the meal, simply because there are so many of them.
    • Their names are invariably hard to remember or - if you do remember - hard to put a face on.
    • This invariably consists of a lot of strangers in a studio, shouting at each other.
    • Sometimes you'd wonder what he was doing, but nearly always it invariably paid off.
    • Indeed, the choice and standard of meal was invariably good and occasionally excellent.
    • Speaking on behalf of a collective people invariably proves itself to be a declaration of vanity.
    • For a lot of these companies, the biggest costs are invariably employment costs.
    • So, invariably, is past form because so many of these matches have been decided against the odds.
    • It's invariably a journalist wanting her opinion on the latest Saudi Arabian issue.