Translation of invasion in Spanish:


invasión, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈveɪʒən//ɪnˈveɪʒ(ə)n/


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    invasión feminine
    (strategy/plans) (before noun) de invasión
    • One of the more insidious invasions of our privacy rights is the rampant spread of drug tests in the American workplace.
    • Relative peace and stability prevailed until 1977 and 1978 when Katangan rebels, staged in Angola, launched a series of invasions into the Katanga region.
    • The idea that Russia could mount a credible invasion with conventional forces is fast receding.
    • He could even have allocated more forces to the invasion if he had so chosen.
    • Government officials never attempt to explain how their actions conform to constitutional and legal prohibitions against government invasions of privacy and infringements on free speech and association.
    • So what we have here is not just a tax on our identities but an invasion of privacy that should be in direct contravention of the Freedom of Information Act.
    • I'm not sure, but I suspect such a perspective would reveal that steps that in the United States are considered severe and unwarranted invasions of privacy are considered rather routine abroad.
    • So the kind of speech the founders were most keen to protect - explicit political expression about important public policy matters - is slapped down, while invasions of privacy are not.
    • At the time of the Roman invasion, the region formed part of the territory of the Coritani.
    • Congolese are quick to point out that despite those two invasions, Rwandan forces never succeeded in disarming the rebels and insist that Rwanda is only after Congo's mineral wealth.
    • I do reserve the right to decline the requests that would constitute an invasion of privacy.
    • He and his wife have fought off invasions into their own privacy by a former nanny (aided by the Mail on Sunday) and into that of baby Leo, born in May.
    • I have never heard of any of them volunteering to join our forces in an armed invasion.
    • The second scenario would involve a limited invasion of special forces and a sustained bombing campaign.
    • They joined forces to plan an invasion along the French borders and gain new territory.
    • The reason nobody takes action over unjustifiable privacy invasions is because the very taking of such actions would cause further and more intrusive invasions of privacy.
    • British nuclear weapons did not deter Argentina, nor did the approach of a huge task force drive the invasion back.
    • IF YOU think that the armed forces are meant to protect us only against invasions, think again.
    • Once a peaceful region after the invasion, it has seen a rise in attacks in recent weeks.
    • The second market massacre has fueled hostility to the US-led invasion throughout the region.
    • He launched the second invasion to retake by force the rebellious republic.
    • In order to discredit Morgan's exclusive, the 500-plus members of the QLR are being subject to unprecedented invasions of their privacy.
    • Television newsmagazines have regularly broadcast reports of these invasions of privacy.
    • Beneficiaries often have to submit to small scale victimisation and invasions of their privacy if they are to keep their benefit.
    • The video footage was so obviously a gross invasion of privacy and a violation of human dignity.
    • This move was despicable, an invasion of privacy, and a form of stalking, and should be illegal.
    • The Torah speaks of the evil prophet Bilaam praising the Israelites for dwelling arrangements that prevented unwanted intrusions and other invasions of privacy.
    • In 1980, after the invasion by Tanzanian forces and Ugandan exiles, Amin fled the country.
    • The linchpin of the deployment is Exercise Rapid Alliance, involving two American carrier battlegroups and a US Marine Corps task force, staging mock invasions.
    • I also think Buckley and all the pundits are wrong to even talk about which invasions of privacy are off-limits in politics.
    • Perchance there will be questions of invasions of privacy at some later time, since the victims would seem to be identifiable.
    • Every so-called celebrity who pushes themselves into the public eye and then complains about invasions of privacy would be made to stand in the corner for a long time, until they'd learned their lesson.
    • Lieutenant General Frederick Morgan was put in charge of planning the invasion to end all invasions.
    • Her friends abandoned her, however, after the German invasion when Jews were forced to wear the yellow star of David.
    • He was in charge of intelligence for coalition land forces during the invasion last year.
    • All these technologies raise serious questions about invasions of privacy and violations of civil liberties.
    • Most of the new alliance members contributed armed forces units to the invasion of the country.
    • Nostradamus also claimed that a man from Greater Arabia would lead his forces on an invasion through Europe.
    • The Pentagon has put out another batch of official photographs of flag-draped coffins and honor guards, having long resisted, claiming invasions of family's privacy.
    • Having said that, she really did so at great risk to herself and she did suffer many invasions of privacy as a result.
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    (of tourists, relatives)
    invasión feminine
    a gross invasion of my privacy/rights una violación de mi intimidad/mis derechos
    • Authorities say all three could be linked to at least 20 similar home invasions here, in the past three months.
    • I am doubtful that he will be picked for the upcoming test series against Zimbabwe, where pitch invasions take on a whole new meaning.
    • He was later caught up in the pitch invasion as he was carried by celebrating fans.
    • Streakers and pitch invasions don't go hand-in-hand with the Wetherby Road image.
    • This was to be the last action of the game as the referee blew the final whistle and the pitch invasion and celebrations got underway.
    • Celtic's supporters annexed the place for the day, filling every nook and cranny and, on many occasions, succumbing to the temptation to leap the hoardings for good-natured but tiresome pitch invasions.
    • Last month, police issued pictures of 26 hooligans they wanted to trace in connection with two pitch invasions during the match.
    • The colour, the noise, the horns and of course the odd pitch invasions, yes you guessed it the Pakistan Cricket team is in town.
    • Last week, we looked into some rather amusing cases of animal pitch invasions.
    • If A is guilty, then B and the brewers and bakers must have the right to defend themselves against A's actions, and their defensive actions can only consist of physical invasions of A and his property.
    • The final whistle sparked a pitch invasion of ecstatic fans and the Burnley players got off as quickly as they could.
    • We thought pitch invasions were a thing of the past but this was a defining moment for the Orchard County and the long wait was over.
    • The invasion prompted a smaller pitch invasion by Preston fans following their team's second goal.
    • Security has been tightened for today's showpiece final of cricket's NatWest one-day international series, at Lord's, after pitch invasions and firecrackers marred earlier rounds.
    • Rising standards in the Northern Ford Premiership could give York Wasps the edge as they prepare for a French invasion tomorrow.
    • Although there have been no major outbreaks of violence inside the ground, there have been pitch invasions, the firing of flares and threatening chanting and behaviour aimed at visiting fans.
    • We like to get into the cooking sherry while we are preparing for the invasion.
    • Blackpool are preparing for a green invasion as they take on promotion chasing Plymouth Argyle at Bloomfield Road on Saturday.
    • Zimbabwe is set to enter a devastating famine because of land invasions and the occupancy of once highly productive commercial farms by so-called war veterans.
    • England won 2-0, but it was marred by several pitch invasions as well as racist chanting, while violence flared outside the game.
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    invasión feminine