Translation of inveigh in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈveɪ//ɪnˈveɪ/

intransitive verb

formal, humorous

  • 1

    to inveigh against sth/sb arremeter contra algo/algn
    • A great many food writers inveigh against the inequities of school food and the amount of money spent for the last 20 years and have got absolutely nowhere.
    • I do not mean to inveigh against the consultants more heavily than they deserve, for it is impossible not to believe that they act with a good motive.
    • Lear enters, madly reliving episodes from his past, inveighing against female sexuality and reflecting on justice and authority in a poignant mixture of reason and madness.
    • And so there was no lack of critics last week inveighing against this ‘waste’ of public money.
    • Yet Niebuhr also spent much of his life inveighing against the naivety of liberalism, as in his most famous book, Moral Man and Immoral Society.
    • In particular he has inveighed against the proposition that women should be encouraged by law and circumstance to rise through the ranks of business or politics.
    • They inveighed against the immorality of British rule and denounced the local ‘whisky drinkers’ who mimicked their colonial masters and did their bidding.
    • Is this corporate welfare really any different or less costly than the kind most of these people inveigh against?
    • In other words, it is not always clear whether they are inveighing against the application of a general natural scientific approach or of positivism in particular.
    • I will question environmental agencies that put birds before people, and inveigh against wind farms in the wrong places.
    • On a recent visit to Ireland, I was caught off-guard by a Dublin taxi driver who inveighed against the current wave of new immigrants.
    • Nationalists inveighed against those who worked with the British and the Dutch, were friends of the colonials and not true Indonesians or Singaporeans or Malays.
    • But the most profound voice in popular music today inveighing against spiritual alienation and emotional disconnectedness comes from New Jersey.
    • If Schwartz were at all familiar with the ‘process’ he inveighs against, he'd know better - but that's not something that's within his spectrum of acceptance.
    • They published a monthly news magazine, which served as their mouthpiece usually inveighing against something wrong with Boston's city finances, or elected officials.
    • Speaker after speaker inveighed against their inability to speak out against the Tesco plan.
    • Can't we persuade the journalists busy inveighing against poor Harry to take on that cause instead?
    • In an age of 30-second political advertisements, truthful speech remains as meaningful to democracies as it is to inveighing against totalitarian regimes.
    • It's Republicans who are inveighing against this kind of non-ideological solution.
    • In the meantime, Khrushchev had been holding a stormy and furious press conference making veiled threats and inveighing against the treacherous nature of the United States.