Translation of inventive in Spanish:


ingenioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈvɛntɪv//ɪnˈvɛn(t)ɪv/


  • 1

    lleno de inventiva
    she is very inventive or has an inventive mind tiene mucha inventiva / imaginación
    • you'll have to be inventive tendrás que usar tu inventiva / imaginación
    • That is because the additional feature does not really create a new inventive concept at all.
    • They rotated between each album so that every song provided a new inventive listening experience.
    • At the other pole she describes the created product as something which is new, original and inventive.
    • The English language is at its most inventive when describing the various states of inebriation.
    • The company has a reputation for inventive adaptations, ingenious design and musical innovation.
    • His music, or much of it, can be construed as an inventive response to such questions.
    • The sight gags are fantastically inventive, the detailing in the set design and costume stunning.
    • In these productions music, drama and dance are mixed in an inventive way.
    • It's a bold, inventive shot at something new that misses the target.
    • Humour is like a drug to many of us; we can't get enough of it, and we are endlessly inventive in creating more of it.
    • Theatrically inventive and politically astute, it's a satire on American cultural imperialism.
    • The six episodes of Series One were so fresh and so inventive you couldn't help but want to see more.
    • I can see nothing clever or inventive in the design on the right.
    • If someone making that amount can be still be poor, the need for inventive, broader programs is clear.
    • While the payoff is barely worth the effort, I was forced to marvel at his storytelling verve and his inventive prose style.
    • It has a quite unique look on its own, and feels fresh and inventive when watching.
    • The drug smugglers used an assortment of inventive packaging to hide their illegal shipments.
    • His imaginative brilliance is most apparent in his inventive and often witty designs for furniture and metalwork.
    • Those scissors remind me of the creative inventive and resourceful things my mother did.
    • Liam is a bright and talented lad, and he and his friends already run inventive scams to get money.
  • 2formal

    (relating to invention)
    inventive skills/faculties inventiva feminine
    • Even as the game slid away from Hibs in the second half, they were inventive enough to create two clear scoring opportunities.
    • That Barry was an astoundingly inventive and populist composer is, by now, a given.
    • Their mistake was in putting too much faith in the law and too little in their own ability to be inventive.
    • Stone uses his gifts as a scenarist to create a unique, inventive uplifting story.
    • They were inventive and sharp and were prepared to go for scores from all angles and from a varying range pattern.
    • She has a lot of time left to develop her skills and to become a competent and inventive designer.
    • Tex Avery had wit, quicksilver charm, and near-boundless inventive genius.
    • Pedestrian middle managers who stifle the enthusiasm of the inventive junior are the biggest block to bright ideas.
    • What most struck Reza Ghadri of Blind Productions about the youngsters who made the films was how inventive they were.
    • They were then free to be inventive and experiment on any type of surface that they desired.
    • The Electoral Reform Commission might have been a bit more inventive in relation to that matter.
    • Man is an inventive, innovative creature and his mind is constantly darting from one problem to another.
    • Sprouse, an inventive designer, had a flock of friends, many of whom were on hand.
    • He is widely regarded as the world's best and most inventive chef.
    • If we believe in our ability to be inventive and resourceful then we have every reason to believe we can make changes.
    • The inventive Horniman Museum has yet another unusual display, this time of textiles from Savu.
    • Parents, in other words, are more liable to be inventive when choosing a name for a baby girl.
    • She was herself an inventive composer, the hilarious Stripsody being her best-known score.
    • Eventually he found an agreeable home in the University of Utah where his inventive genius could work unhindered.
    • The ground was operating at full capacity while the teams' inventive faculties were running on empty.