Translation of inverse in Spanish:


inverso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnvəːs//ɪnˈvəːs//ɪnˈvərs//ˈɪnvərs/


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    (opposite, reversed)
    in inverse order / sequence a la inversa
    • in inverse proportion/relation to sth en proporción/relación inversa a algo
    • pressure and volume are in inverse proportion la presión y el volumen son inversamente proporcionales
    • Insofar as Markson poses questions in an inverse order, the critic and the author appear in a perspective which inscribes voice within an economy of representation.
    • This place just proves the theory that there's an inverse relationship between attractiveness and proficiency in math.
    • In theory, at least, this creates a direct, inverse relationship between the unemployment rate and the inflation rate.
    • In Russia, the inverse order has been observed: there the state organized itself before society, and it organized society.
    • Presidential popularity is positively associated with partisan support but shows an inverse relationship for members of the opposition.
    • Next, Spencer proposes an inverse relationship between the degree of fertility and the development of the nervous system.
    • The inverse Doppler effect is not something you can hear, but understanding it could one day lead to important advances in optics and communications equipment.
    • Our data confirm recent findings indicating that the long-standing inverse relationship between social class and obesity has been lost, at least in the UK.
    • For most of the past eight years, since the end of 1992, the historical, inverse relationship between inflation and unemployment rates postulated by the Phillips Curve cannot be discerned in the data.
    • This result is inconsistent with theoretical considerations and experimental results obtained under constant light conditions, suggesting an inverse relationship between e p and.
    • We now have an overwhelming consensus amongst well-designed, large, epidemiologic studies suggesting this inverse relationship between folate intake and the risk of developing colon-rectal cancer.
    • The research, by the University of Ulster and the department of psychiatry at the Mater Hospital Trust in Belfast, discovered an inverse relationship between suicide and terrorist- related deaths.
    • I haven't charted this yet, but it seems that there is an inverse relationship between focusing on maximizing investor return, and actual investor return.
    • A review of 20 international studies looking into the link between the use of the oral contraceptives and rates of bowel cancer found an inverse relationship.
    • Unfortunately, rational crime policy analysis and the political pressure on government officials subject to the forces of public opinion may lead to different outcomes, and may even be in inverse relationship.
    • The curve descends nonmonotonically, yet as it does not inverse its direction, the convergence is rather fast and even after 10 generations, the calculated line resembles the experimental one.
    • The positive sign on this effect suggests that the inverse relationship between early support from the mother and adult depressive symptoms is less substantial among male respondents.
    • We found that univariate analysis showed no association with birth order, but after adjustment for maternal age, an inverse association with birth order was apparent.
    • Other arrangements of film, crystal, and film can also be used to cause an inverse effect - so that when electricity is not applied, no light can pass through.
    • A study published in the October 2001 Journal of Affective Disorders found an inverse relationship between fish consumption and postpartum depression in 23 countries.
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    (element/operation) inverso
    inverse function función inversa feminine
    • The reconstructions of outlines corresponding to extreme individuals using the inverse Fourier transform are plotted on the PC1 - PC2 projection.
    • He made major contributions to the inverse problem of Galois theory as well as to class field theory, thereby solving some long outstanding conjectures.
    • The inverse Fourier transform information of the acquired first spectral-peaks is computed and a computed first harmonic phase image is determined from each spectral peak.
    • That is addition, multiplication and the two inverse operations of subtraction and division.
    • This work also contains a mean value type formula for inverse interpolation of the sine.


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    the inverse el inverso
    • the inverse is also true lo inverso también es cierto