Translation of invest in Spanish:


invertir, v.

Pronunciation: /ɪnˈvɛst//ɪnˈvɛst/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to invest sth ( in sth) invertir algo ( en algo)
    • I've invested the best years of my life in it he invertido en ello / le he dedicado los mejores años de mi vida
    • you'll have to invest in a new pair of shoes te vas a tener que comprar unos zapatos
    • everybody's hopes were invested in the conference las esperanzas de todos estaban puestas / se cifraban en la conferencia
    • The University has five primary groups of funds that are separately invested.
    • The fund turned them down, but Mr Smith took a leap of faith and invested his own money
    • You should consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses carefully before you invest.
    • Anyone who has invested money in equities over a long period of time will know that stockmarkets beat inflation by a wide margin.
    • I feel that she is being insensitive to the fact that I just need to know there is some potential or otherwise I have to invest my energy elsewhere.
    • Hibs may boast a better all-round squad but, quietly and effectively, Kilmarnock have been developing some fine young players, investing effort and time in hope for the future.
    • The large parties did nothing to block such tendencies, instead investing their efforts and resources in winning the grand prize, the prime ministerial position.
    • They are forced to make choices about where to invest their emotional energy and invariably choose to invest their helping energies in resolving their personal life stress.
    • Old people with a pension fund, widows, and the wardens of orphans must invest their money into the financial markets, lest its purchasing power evaporate under their noses.
    • But instead of investing his energy into outward noise that drifts skywards into nothingness, you sense he invests energy inwards, into making himself the best that he can be.
    • It is expected that fund managers will be investing new money in foreign stocks rather than actively selling Irish ones.
    • At least 29 million of these cases could be prevented if more resources and efforts are invested now.
    • A huge amount of energy was invested by D' Alema and his party in trying, by one means or another, to force this change through, in the hope that Berlusconi would find it to his advantage, too.
    • Joseph said while some people were looking for instant gratification, one had to be willing to invest effort and energy to get the desired results.
    • Insurance companies make profits by investing the income from premiums.
    • Just this past week a person who is two months away from becoming a pensioner told me he wished he had, every time he changed his job, invested his pension money rather than cashing it in.
    • The worker invests work effort in the job in expectation of rewards.
    • Provided you use a low-cost broker, you can ensure that 100 per cent of your money is invested into a relevant fund.
    • The money deposited in the Fund is invested and profits can then be used for training schemes and job creation projects.
    • As an organizer, you need to invest energy in creating an environment that makes interaction natural.
    • You earn your money; you pay income tax and invest your money.
    • Todt believes Ferrari's dominance is simply their reward for investing energy in building a team over a long period of time.
    • British Petroleum, despite its attempts to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, is investing substantial resources in solar power.
    • During those days, we met up one afternoon in my pub and decided that you will invest money in developing properties and that myself and Mohan would contribute as working partners.
    • By investing energy into trying out different possible approaches, you improve your understanding of the problem, and get closer to a reasonable solution.
    • Paying a fair price for matchmaking helps ensure that professionals and others are willing to invest efforts that are commensurate with the great importance of this activity.
    • If you agree with this, it demands that any version 1.0 project invests energy in understanding what will be improved on.
    • This may cause some concern to Irish people who have invested money in residential property in Britain, but most economic commentators are confident that the market is not set to collapse.
    • The women interviewed thus made guarding against violence a priority, investing considerable energy into the social networks that act as their insurance.
    • If your congregation makes wise use of its gifts, parishioners will likely see it as a good place to invest their energy and their resources.
    • Along with the rest of the state's pension assets, the bond money was invested heavily in equities and rose in value as the stock market boomed in the late 1990s.
    • ‘The pharmaceutical companies have invested vast sums of money in plants in Ireland, and have never pulled out,’ he said.
    • These open-ended funds may invest in a basket of individual stocks, while more conservative funds will invest their money on the bond market.
    • They might regard it as more attractive, at least in some cases, to sell their shares and invest the money elsewhere.
    • She invested substantial sums of money before opening it as a guesthouse and restaurant.
    • Financially savvy women are beginning to invest their money to ensure they have high living standards in retirement.
    • By exploring your thoughts you can consciously discard those that are draining you and instead invest your energy into creating the positive, empowering experience you deserve.
    • Once we believe the goals are attainable, we invest the effort and resources necessary to ensure success.
    • Prior to that, he had served with distinction with the Colligan Club and had also invested huge effort and time in the Scór Talent Competition.
    • By the end of March, China's foreign exchange reserves had jumped 37 percent from a year earlier to exceed US $1.2 trillion, which are mainly invested in low-yielding US dollar bonds.
    • The song Old Man River reminds us that the habit of investing waterways with something like a soul is an old one.
    • It gives us vivid, sickening scenes and a worthy reminder of man's inhumanity, and sole actor Tom Barnett invests his performance with skill and honesty.
    • Kevin Pollack invests his version with the subtle genius of a masterful character study.
    • Bhabha invests the boundary with the importance as providing the genesis of presence.
    • The Beijing-born lecturer in ceramics at Shanghai University still invests his chairs with decorative swirls of Chinese calligraphy, affirming his Chinese heritage.
    • While the Oscar felt more like a lifetime achievement award, the role invested Hepburn with the kind of humanity and concern for family that helped contradict her late-career screen image.
    • Characterization, which typically involves investing protagonists with varying degrees of insight approaching omniscience, comes later.
    • He invests Reznik with a humanity, a fragility that makes for some truly harrowing moments.
    • He began these compacted tutorials on his last world tour; as the appreciative response from 100,000 Czechs proves, it invests his shows with an admirable kind of warmth.
    • She invests her great grandmother with a mysterious exotic quality.
    • Selby invests his characters with absolutely tons of emotion and empathy and hope and humanity etc. - hence why it's so devastating and cathartic when indescribably terrible things happen to them.
    • Vidal invests his hero with an innocence and naïveté that he himself no longer possesses, though he is as young.
    • It is the fact that civility requires us to show respect for people we do not know that invests it with a strong moral quality.
    • Laid back and lanky, he invests the character with the tensile quality of a coiled spring and a panther-like sensuality that is striking.
    • The premium action hero of the new age invests his character with almost alarming seriousness and is about the only one in the cast who has the courage to throw away the protective veil of self-irony.
    • At the London Business School, professor of organisational behaviour John W Hunt also invests leaders with a special something.
    • Its presence is what invests every human being with a multiplicity of powers and potentialities.
    • But today the artist is invested with almost magical powers to solve social problems, and is given free rein to go where he likes.
    • The financial power of society awaits the rise of tough-minded social inventors, investing risk-takers with the courage to take control of their own money.
    • The solid cast brings a crucial restraint to the material, investing the characters with an unspoken sense of sad resignation.
    • In 1153, Baldwin launched a major attack on Ascalon, with an army large enough to invest the great city completely.
    • On 5 May the Japanese Second Army landed north of Port Arthur, cutting it off from the Russian Manchurian Army, followed by Third Army under Nogi which invested the place on 26 June.
  • 2formal

    to invest sth with sth conferirle / otorgarle algo a algo formal
    • her presence invested the occasion with particular significance su presencia le confirió / le otorgó un significado especial a la ocasión
  • 3

    • 3.1(empower)

      to invest sb with sth investir a algn de / con algo formal
      • the President is invested with special powers el presidente está investido de / con poderes especiales

    • 3.2(put in office)

      investir formal
      they invested him as mayor lo invistieron alcalde
      • He was invested on Saturday 24 December, and resigned on Candlemas - Thursday 2 February.
      • Meanwhile, Scouts in York have been formally invested into the new Explorer Scout section, which is designed to attract more teenagers to join.
      • The king stripped it of its powers of remonstrance and registry, and he invested those powers in a new Plenary Court to be appointed by him.
      • The Prime Minister's government advised the Queen to invest him to the rank of an Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.
      • He was invested with the Guruship on May 25, 1606 just days before his father's martyrdom.
      • He was invested as Prince of Wales on 1 July 1969, in a televised ceremony at Caernarfon Castle, and in 1970 became the first heir to the throne to receive a university degree.
      • She was invested as a serving sister of the Order of St John at a ceremony in the order's Grand Priory Church in Clerkenwell, London.
      • In Scotland this was probably last November, when Archbishop Keith Patrick O'Brien invested me, a Scottish Episcopalian, as a Knight of the Order of St Sylvester.
      • Students had the privilege of investing him into the role of Chancellor.
      • He was invested with the award in a ceremony on June 12 at Government House by the Administrator of the Commonwealth, Sir Guy Green.
      • At his coronation on February 2nd, 1626, Charles I was solemnly invested with what was known as St Edward's Regalia.
      • She was invested with her chain and robes of office at a ceremony in the Watson Hall on Monday.
      • Palace officials will spend the summer drawing up the mission statement, representing Charles's assessment of his role over the 33 years since he was invested as Prince of Wales.
      • He was invested with the command of Multan expedition as well as of Kashmir.

  • 4archaic


intransitive verb

  • 1

    to invest in sth invertir en algo
    • to invest in a child's education invertir en la educación de un niño