Translation of investigation in Spanish:


estudio, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˌvɛstɪˈɡeɪʃ(ə)n//ɪnˌvɛstəˈɡeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (detailed examination)
    estudio masculine
    upon closer investigation tras un examen más detenido
    • Two other major investigations of Glasgow City Council employees are still to be carried out.
    • Until such time as a report on these investigations comes to hand then I will suspend judgement.
    • That shortcoming led to the introduction of the Holmes system for major investigations.
    • Certainly the legal systems in some countries present obstacles to investigations.
    • Until now the unit's investigations have not considered anyone else being involved.
    • Meanwhile, the sauna remains closed as investigations continue into how the fire broke out.
    • They are also required to help Symantec in investigations into other counterfeiters.
    • After all the inquiries and investigations and demonstrations, he's still there.
    • It seems that it has become a fashion to prescribe costly high tech investigations.
    • These are the questions at the centre of the author's tactful, patient investigations.
    • Dean says the theft of her laptop was one of a number of unusual events that took place during her investigations.
    • This is followed by a formal report once all investigations have been completed.
    • One of the boys concerned has been temporarily excluded pending investigations by the school.
    • The building in Sutton will be used for murder investigations and is due to open in January next year.
    • An army spokesman would not comment, saying investigations were still going on.
    • All I can indicate is that he is of interest to us and investigations are continuing.
    • His investigations have just that effect, and the trawl of weird individuals is phenomenal.
    • There is wild talk of inquiries and commissions of investigations in the air.
    • It will also enable local schools and community groups to become involved in the investigations.
    • Updates will follow if further products emerge from the on-going investigations.
  • 2

    investigación feminine
    her claim is under investigation se está estudiando su petición
    • she is under investigation by the police la policía está haciendo averiguaciones sobre ella
  • 3

    investigación feminine
    he was hospitalized for further investigation lo hospitalizaron para hacerle más pruebas