Translation of invoke in Spanish:


invocar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈvəʊk//ɪnˈvoʊk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(use as authority)

      (precedent/principle) invocar
      • The philosophy of ‘naturalism’ is imposed upon the evidence so that the authority of science is invoked for a secular view of the world.
      • The King's Men apparently heard about Pavier's planned collection and invoked the protection of authority.
      • Whereas others opted for one of the two theories by invoking arguments or authorities, Beguelin made a systematic search for experiments which he hoped would settle the dispute.
      • The author invokes the strength of medical authority to his denial of the negative impact on health intrinsic to the operation of such a smelter.
      • Back then the same arguments were used to invoke the people to vote, the same grim scenario of a hardliner-dominated regime who would stifle all the progress made were told and retold again and again.
      • To make exclusions - to excuse the invaders - is to invoke a moral difference argument, which I don't believe a democracy can tolerate.
      • The question is the wisdom of proceeding without U.N. authority where we have invoked the resolutions of the U.N. as the basis for an attack.
      • Sir Rabbie Namaliu invoking the bygones be bygones argument says hammering out the agreement was a matter of discussion.
      • Since the attack, Canadian authorities have invoked the threat of terrorism to justify a clamp down on protests that extends well beyond Kananaskis County.
      • Throughout his argument Lord Kingsland repeatedly invoked the well-recognised EC principles of legal certainty and proportionality.
      • It is a reflection of the degradation of public debate that political and medical authorities are now reduced to invoking the simplistic morality of children to make them feel good about themselves.
      • However Stephen Matthews lost some support when he invoked the women's suffrage movement.
      • Two other arguments are invoked in support of the rule.
      • Dana's attorneys did try to make this argument, invoking a federal statute that allows damages awards for constitutional rights violations.
      • Many of the lefty bloggers have lately been pursuing one of their persuasion's favourite follies: selecting a congenial conclusion and then invoking spurious science to support it.
      • And those who support the penalty readily invoke the wishes of the grieving mother who cries out for the blood of her baby's killer.
      • Berrigan and Charnov invoke field data supporting such a correlation, but they call the appearance of a tradeoff between these two parameters a major puzzle.
      • Moral indignation was invoked to support the violation.
      • In support of this claim, they invoke the archaic Greeks, often citing Hesiod's Works and Days, among other classical sources.
      • Solomon invokes the term ‘stakeholder’ to dismiss Friedman's argument that the ethical responsibilities of business stop with stockholders.

    • 1.2(call into use)

      (law/rule) invocar
      (law/rule) acogerse a
      • This article describes the steps to change the default image editor application, which is invoked from the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.
      • Can I use a Java application instead of a JSP (JavaServer Page) to invoke a servlet on an application server?
      • The only possible operation is to read data when Read-Only Mode is invoked.

  • 2

    (call up)
    (devil/spirits) invocar
    (devil/spirits) conjurar
    • Aladdin's nemesis, Jafar, has long since been despatched to the after-life, but his evil sister Nasira has found a way to bring back the dastardly villain by invoking the ‘spell of restoration’.
    • I think the whole question of whether certain spiritual practices or philosophies inevitably lead you to invoke a particular spirit is the one that's crucial to me.
    • Then a grand puja is performed invoking the spirit of Pancha Ganapati in the home.
    • In Wicca, we also invoke deities into our circles.
    • And once you have invoked your spirit to sing with you, they invoke those unheard notes within you which is the form of communication with other spirits.
    • A bearded sorcerer is busy invoking spirits with his incantation, his glazed eyes staring into the distance and all aglow in the dark.
    • To invoke a deity, power, or spirit is to allow yourself to become a ‘tube’ that passes energy and wisdom though your body so that others may receive it.