Translation of involvement in Spanish:


participación, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈvɒlvm(ə)nt//ɪnˈvɑlvmənt/


  • 1

    participación feminine
    that confirmed the extent of his involvement in the affair eso confirmó su grado de participación / lo implicado que estaba en el asunto
    • they deny any involvement in terrorist attacks niegan estar implicados en ningún ataque terrorista
    • I will help you investigate this case, but I hope to keep my personal involvement to a minimum.
    • Romero challenged this group of staff to show up at orientation and present themselves in a way in which others new to the staff would not readily recognize longstanding friendships and involvements.
    • So you don't think in the areas of personal life or other relationships or new involvements, doesn't enter your thoughts?
    • Reading the narratives, one is left with the sense that the choice to abstain from all sexual involvements was more emotionally driven for women than for men.
    • The girl is in a rage because she has overheard him saying that his involvement with her in no big deal.
    • He denied any involvement with the tattooed Sabrina, who is a close friend of his wife's.
    • To me, sexual involvement has nothing whatsoever to do with emotional involvement.
    • Have you got any personal knowledge of any of those programmes, or any involvement in them?
    • In a career, emotional involvement is essential for the Leo to feel fulfilled.
    • He had personal involvement and enthusiasm with many known and unknown bands.
    • Their stories were linked, he said, by their mother's involvement with both of them.
    • His involvement with Alejanda would destroy her relationship with her father.
    • Cantor's involvement with her clients goes far beyond professional detachment.
    • I was aware of her when we first became friends, though not at first the extent of his involvement.
    • I think that we have to look at capital punishment free of personal involvement.
    • It's best to move into new personal involvements slowly and steadily.
    • All she did was read out a personal letter written by Dan in which he denied involvement.
    • Men are fighting to have more involvement with family life, for paternity leave.
    • This is characteristic of a system totally lacking in any real involvement of ordinary people.
    • These facts are easy to miss in the real world where we can blame space and geography for our involvement with others.
  • 2

    relación (sentimental) feminine
    enredo masculine informal
    I disapprove of your involvement with him tu relación con él no me parece nada bien