Translation of ire in Spanish:


ira, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʌɪə//ˈaɪ(ə)r/



  • 1

    ira feminine
    cólera feminine
    • The only person on the boat whose ire they did not care to engage was the doctor's.
    • It is a choice she has never regretted, although there is one subject guarantee to raise her ire.
    • Healy still goes online to read it from time to time, to stoke his ire anew.
    • In the coming years, we will see that his ire, if anything, was far too restrained.
    • Once he vents his ire, the sting in his words are powerful barbs that never miss the mark.
    • The idea had merit, and he could explain it to the rest of his family without drawing their ire.
    • I really want to stop but you keep doing all these silly little things to get my ire going.
    • It fuels their ire and gives them justification for treating others like garbage.
    • Media excesses or lapses are condoned by a public which reserves its ire for the political class.
    • Despite drawing critical fire and reactionary ire, the show's back for a second series.
    • The anonymous sender was expressing his ire against the writer's silence on the issue.
    • Henry's daughter Daisy is among the protesters and he is full of ire and sarcasm about them.
    • It was a pointed but ultimately feeble attempt to rouse more ire against the chief executive.
    • Exercising their ire at the moment is the police, with their aggressive attitude towards gun use.
    • If anything, he should have directed his ire at the umpires, who are required to regulate the comings and goings of fieldsmen.
    • Jaspers's emphasis on the importance of form over the content of psychopathology provokes the authors' ire.
    • Better to pay lip service to the morals police than bring down their provincial ire on your head.
    • For all its ire and bombast, there's rarely blood spilt, ground shifted or damage done.
    • This aspect of the government has led to ire on the part of employees and political activists.
    • It's his behaviour that makes me bristle with ire and irritation.