Translation of Irish wolfhound in Spanish:

Irish wolfhound

lebrel irlandés, n.


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    lebrel irlandés masculine
    • They had everything from hideous beetles to hairy tarantulas that looked as though they could give an Irish wolfhound a run for its money.
    • I agreed to go to Manchester Dogs' Home with Nicola because she wanted one and we both saw this little thing in with two huge Irish wolfhounds.
    • It was then that her shaggy Irish wolfhound, Gatsby, padded over and butted her hand.
    • After another moment an Irish wolfhound appeared in front of Jen.
    • There is some good news, as the Corgi Protection Squad was more successful, with two black Labradors and an Irish wolfhound rounded up on the night.
    • Our Irish wolfhound has torn the anterior cruciate ligament in one of her hind legs, and the knee is going to require surgery.
    • A moment later a Saluki, Doberman, and an Irish wolfhound were running towards her while a black mare was also coming towards her.
    • ‘I like to think of him as a bit of an old dog, like an old Irish wolfhound or something,’ he laughs.
    • Everything in and around the house was oversized, including his dog - an Irish wolfhound.
    • Any dog in that family known as sight hounds - lurchers, deerhounds, Irish wolfhounds.
    • Affected progeny were also observed from a second outcross breeding using a clinically normal Irish wolfhound.
    • Dogs running around in the ring and being judged wasn't that interesting to Jackson, it was too far away, even though there were big, highly visible Irish wolfhounds.
    • Decorated with intricate knot work, a harp and a shamrock, the emblems of the brigade, and with a bronze Irish wolfhound at the foot of the cross, it is reckoned by many to be the most beautiful memorial on the battlefield.
    • They were nominated for the tireless care they gave to two elderly Irish wolfhounds who have undergone numerous operations for malignant growths.
    • In addition to salukis, eligible breeds are whippets, greyhounds, Afghan hounds, borzois, Ibizan hounds, pharaoh hounds, Irish wolfhounds, and Scottish deerhounds.
    • His West Belfast funeral, which featured a mile-long cortège led by an Irish wolfhound, was one of the largest funerals seen to that date.
    • Are there no more Irish wolfhounds or Basset hounds?
    • Marcus is obviously too good to be true from the moment he wafts on to the set of Donna's York-based fictional soap Westfield, Irish wolfhound Murphy in tow.
    • A third group includes ancestors and descendants of herding-type dogs, such as the Irish wolfhound, the collie, the greyhound, and the Saint Bernard.
    • Pamela Brown is marvelous in a small role as a sort of wild woman of the heath, traipsing about with a herd of Irish wolfhounds.