Translation of ironing board in Spanish:

ironing board

tabla de planchar, n.


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    tabla de planchar feminine
    burro de planchar masculine Mexico
    • After all, sometime in the 1960s flirting went out of fashion, as did ironing boards, makeup and the idea that men needed to be ‘trapped’ or ‘landed’.
    • Cheap and fireproof, it was an all-purpose insulator used to lag buildings, railway carriages, even ironing boards.
    • Both the men's and women's locker rooms feature about 350 lockers as well as a couch, TV, chairs, a phone, an ironing board and an iron.
    • She got out the ironing board and let the iron heat up.
    • I've always wanted a decent ironing board, and I am excited about owning a food processor but the truth of the matter is that we've managed up until now with what we've got.
    • Lets opens a cupboard door, taking out the ironing board, iron, bits of food processor, and other miscellaneous things.
    • As I was taken up the stairs, every room I passed was filled with women who were either hunched over sowing machines or hunched over ironing boards.
    • A house full of social science students doesn't guarantee any form of electronic siren set-up, so we made do with the resources available - an ironing board propped up against the front door.
    • I was looking for an ironing board to iron the wrinkles out of my shirt.
    • There we'd all be, doing the dishes, hanging out the laundry, or draped over the ironing board on a drizzly afternoon and in they'd steam, these hunky fellas, eyes sparkling, muscles gleaming.
    • Quite often, I wait until Popsy has completely run out of any wearable pants before I reluctantly pull out the ironing board and get things creased down the centre line again.
    • Place a protective cover on the ironing board, but avoid using covers with napped or raised surfaces.
    • Factors which have prompted men to take to their ironing boards are said to be a general increase in male grooming and a growing number of divorced or single men living alone.
    • Not for her the weekly chore of dividing herself between all her grandchildren, babysitting on Saturday nights and setting up the ironing board while she pays a quick visit.
    • An old ironing board (without the cover) makes a wonderful potting bench & folds away after use.
    • Trent slinked an arm around Ally's waist, rested his hand on her hip and followed her into the laundry room, where the iron was heating up on the ironing board.
    • I had to struggle with the intricacies of the washing machine programmer, learn the contours of an ironing board, co-ordinate the different ingredients of a cooked meal.
    • To her side is an ironing board, an iron perched on it, the face of the iron tilted toward the camera.
    • Place a white paper towel both on top of the shirt and on the ironing board to protect the ironing board.
    • Place your slacks parallel to the ironing board and slowly move the iron up and down, working your way over the entire wrinkled areas.