Translation of irrational in Spanish:


irracional, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈraʃ(ə)n(ə)l//ɪ(r)ˈræʃ(ə)nəl/


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    • Identify and uproot irrational beliefs that lead you to place unrealistic demands on yourself.
    • But Delta's seemingly irrational behavior has a very logical explanation.
    • By absurd, I do not mean silly, but absurd as is in the illogical or irrational.
    • Australians aren't at all used to visceral and irrational hatred directed at them.
    • The author of the piece argues that our attitude towards it is mostly irrational prejudice.
    • Their hostility towards each other, however, was tangible and frequently led to quite irrational behaviour.
    • Chris smiled, sure that Seth's fears were completely irrational.
    • If it hadn't seemed so irrational, she would have begged him not to go.
    • He had a very short fuse and he could be totally irrational at times.
    • Power sets the guidelines by which we measure what is reasonable and what is irrational.
    • Home values have soared to high levels in many countries as irrational exuberance grips the markets.
    • Solutions that would seem logical to us would seem totally irrational to them.
    • Without that insight, a supplier can encounter fewer surprises by evaluating even seemingly irrational scenarios.
    • I believe that the seemingly irrational logic of the national can still promote everyday alliances and popular mobilizations.
    • Booze and cocaine corroded his sanity and left him with a legacy of irrational behaviour.
    • I have an irrational dislike of cell phones.
    • Crowds and mobs are not completely irrational, but they have their own logic.
    • The more irrational and illogical someone becomes, the more logical and incisive I become.
    • I am sort of notorious for my utterly irrational fears.
    • She had never known for her daughter to be so irrational, so crazy.