Translation of irreconcilable in Spanish:


irreconciliable, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈrɛk(ə)nsʌɪləb(ə)l//ɪ(r)ˌrɛkənˈsaɪləb(ə)l//ɪˌrɛk(ə)nˈsʌɪləb(ə)l/


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    (principles/rivals/beliefs) irreconciliable
    to be irreconcilable with sth ser incompatible con algo
    • that point of view is irreconcilable with your socialist principles ese punto de vista es incompatible con tus principios socialistas
    • In the map of memory, a legacy of the Bible to western civilization, Israel and Egypt are irreconcilable enemies.
    • The actual market wage results from economic forces that turn these seemingly irreconcilable demands into a cooperative contract that benefits everyone.
    • At the time Muggeridge declared that he ‘saw life as an eternal battle between two irreconcilable opposites, the world of the flesh and the world of the spirit’.
    • The claimant and the objectors proceeded before the inspector upon the common ground that the terms of the map and the statement were irreconcilable.
    • But in the realm of public debate, science and religion frequently seemed like irreconcilable enemies.
    • Submission and retreat are two different actions, possibly irreconcilable.
    • She is the natural ally of tyrants and the irreconcilable enemy of freedom.
    • Yet despite this humiliation the senior magistrates remained in place, prime among them the first president, d' Aligre, by now Calonne's irreconcilable enemy.
    • That is where the problems start, with Tony Blair trying to find an illusory third way between two irreconcilable opinions.
    • Mr Justice Langley said the case had involved ‘conflicting and irreconcilable accounts of events’ decisive of the issues he had to decide.
    • Of course, it may be foolish to assume that the two references to peace present an irreconcilable contradiction.
    • She took those seemingly irreconcilable ideas and brought them together under a universal experience: rebellion.
    • There are still many questions on which the Democratic and Republican parties have fundamentally different outlooks and represent distinct and irreconcilable interpretations of the world.
    • The Democrats are caught in irreconcilable contradictions when they attempt to posture as critics of the war.
    • Advertisers thus present two conflicting and irreconcilable claims about themselves.
    • These are truly irreconcilable views, and how this is resolved will have major ramifications.
    • As idealizations, they appear to be predicated on normative but contradictory and ultimately irreconcilable understandings of excellence.
    • On both sides of this divide reign fundamentally different, perhaps irreconcilable visions of man.
    • Three people pursue with integrity their different and irreconcilable ideas of the good life, leading to unavoidable disaster.
    • To us, all our different visions are irreconcilable.
    • Principals and unionized teachers are not irreconcilable enemies.
    • This task involves the communication of at least two potentially contradictory, irreconcilable experiences for the director: the reader's and the writer's.
    • The court then on that material finds that he was not after all incapacitated and you have irreconcilable judgments of the court.
    • So you can see I consider things and relations to be fundamentally different and irreconcilable.
    • The notion is irreconcilable to basic skeptic tenets.