Translation of irregular in Spanish:


irregular, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈrɛɡjʊlə//əˈrɛɡjələr/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in shape, positioning)

      (surface/pattern/outline) irregular
      • The net result is that the cartilage is replaced from within by a somewhat irregular vascularized network of bone.
      • After fingering about a dozen ties I choose a grey one with small irregular spots arranged in diagonal rows.
      • Unfortunately, most were not well-formed single crystals but were somewhat irregular masses.
      • Walls began to rattle, and the mirror in the entryway shook and broke into a million irregular pieces.
      • Cut out the irregular shape from B and the circle from C.
      • The scaphoid bone has an irregular shape, and 80% of the surface is covered by articular cartilage.
      • Dandruff is irregular in shape and does not adhere to the base of the hair.
      • The resultant aggregates may have many internal lipid lined compartments, which contributes to its highly irregular shape.
      • Other abnormalities under high temperature stress included an irregular arrangement of the epidermal cells.
      • Most asteroids are very irregular in shape.
      • Each panel features an elongated, irregular rectangle painted in acrylic in red, blue or black against a contrasting hue.
      • The irregular shape of the cornea distorts the image causing it to blur, unlike in a lazy eye where the eye is essentially normal.
      • Fractures can occur in any orientation, and they are usually curved or highly irregular in shape.
      • Melanomas and other skin cancers usually have irregular shapes.
      • Electron microscopy revealed polygonal tumor cells with round nuclei having slightly irregular contours and prominent nucleoli.
      • The spongy fabric is loose and tetrahedral, with rather irregular pores in size and shape.
      • This irregular arrangement of atoms not only defines a substance as glass, but also determines several of its properties.
      • For larger or more irregular areas, the cables might work better.
      • Most asteroids are highly irregular in shape, their miniscule gravity being too small to influence their overall outlines.
      • It is not that Thomas deliberately creates irregular shapes.

    • 1.2(in time)

      (intervals/pulse) irregular
      I've been a bit irregular lately no he ido muy bien de vientre últimamente
      • The resultant irregular rhythm may be difficult to differentiate from atrial fibrillation.
      • The rhythm is irregular, and the rate can vary or become sinus bradycardia because of the long pauses.
      • Postings may sometimes be irregular this week, since I'm at a conference.
      • When he finally drew away, her breathing was irregular and she appeared flustered.
      • For example, many tropical species reproduce at irregular supra-annual intervals.
      • During the rest of the wintering season, surveys were conducted at irregular intervals.
      • On December 4, I started experiencing mild, irregular contractions.
      • Side effects of emergency contraception are nausea, vomiting and irregular bleeding.
      • When the body's natural electrical signal becomes irregular the technology can provide synchronisation.
      • She appeared to have sensed the tension building in him and her breathing was slightly irregular.
      • Special announcements and features appeared on a somewhat irregular basis.
      • The syndrome should be suspected in women with hirsutism, irregular menstruation, or infertility.
      • Low blood pressure and irregular heartbeat are the most significant side effects.
      • My politicization had happened at irregular intervals during my primary and secondary school days.
      • I've started school again, so updates will probably be in irregular intervals.
      • After about 12 hours of labor, the doctor insisted on a C-section because I was bleeding heavily and the contractions were very strong and irregular.
      • Income can be withdrawn at irregular intervals to suit individual circumstances as long as the payments are in accordance with the above limits.
      • At the northwest corner, three to four people smoked at irregular intervals.
      • Her head hung and she remained still for a few moments, her breathing irregular.
      • Quivering or irregular contraction of heart muscle fibers, preventing the heart from contracting as a unit and pumping blood effectively.

  • 2

    (contrary to rules)
    contrario a las normas
    this is highly irregular esto es totalmente inadmisible
    • it would be most irregular for me to discuss a client with you estaría totalmente fuera de lugar que yo hablara de un cliente con usted
    • In the last financial year Australia had 4450 asylum-seekers arrive in irregular fashion, that is, boat people.
    • If irregular bleeding started with introduction of a new contraception pill, a change in the type of pill will be considered.
    • The couple work long hours and have very irregular, seasonal business, so they needed sound financial advice on how to use their savings wisely.
    • Their rather irregular position within the Church of Ireland could not really continue.
    • Memory, or at least my memory, is such an uneven and irregular thing.
    • Apparently such procedural irregularities, including violations of long-standing court rules, are not so irregular.
    • The union, representing about 4000 white farmers, said the judge's action was ‘highly irregular and improper’.
    • Urge incontinence results from irregular and unexpected bladder contraction, causing the patient to feel an urgent need to relieve herself or himself.
    • I'm not having a lot of fun these days, because my life is so irregular, so chaotic.
    • In contrast, it showed that all planetary and most irregular nebulae are traveling at very low speeds - some toward us and some away from us.
    • The tax situation becomes a little more complex for onshore bondholders who plan to draw down regular or irregular amounts.
    • They're aimed at the self-employed, contract workers and those on irregular incomes and enable applicants to simply declare their incomes without having to provide any accounts or pay slips to prove it.
    • However, this was found in contradiction of OUSU rules, necessitating an irregular by-election to be held via an extraordinary meeting of the Postgraduate Assembly.
    • The Defendant alleged in its counterclaim that it was entitled to damages for claims presented in an improper and irregular fashion.
    • The gentle formality of the house contrasts strongly with its irregular context and neighbouring suburban dwellings, but it does have precedents in New Zealand.
    • It is claimed that leftover money from Eurostat contracts was placed in irregular reserves known as ‘financial envelopes’.
    • It is no secret that some departments and individuals have overspent during the past financial year - not forgetting the irregular expenditure under investigation.
    • He is to take up the ANC's decision, which he called irregular and unacceptable, with the Local Government and Housing official.
    • Indicated if labour is established but the contractions are of irregular intensity or duration.
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    (plural/ending/verb) irregular
    • Note that ‘to spy’ is always an irregular verb, only the third person form resembles the infinitive.
    • The reader will not find lists of irregular verb forms or instructions for punctuating dialogue.
    • In some irregular verbs, these functions are served by different forms.
    • However, he's mistaken when he says that ‘Esperanto is probably the only language to have no irregular verbs.’
    • The questions required knowledge of some words, but also of an irregular verb form and some grammatical terminology.
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    (troops) irregular
    • Not only did he understand the new tactics, he was also able to put them into practice using a smaller army made up of irregular troops.
    • The irregular rebel army is the racially and sexually integrated volunteer force of the post-Vietnam era.
    • Those operations will most certainly involve combat against both regular and irregular forces.
    • The biggest achievement, we think, is the formation of a system of views on the conduct of combat operations against irregular units.
    • A better term might be irregular warfare, war against enemies unable or unwilling to field professional armies.
    • Terrorists are illegal irregular combatants who violate international laws and murder innocent civilians; they can and should be targeted.
    • The fighting force was to be divided into three irregular units.
    • British troops clash with irregular forces during a raid in Basra.
    • The Army has historically viewed irregular warfare as a temporary anomaly.
    • This language seems to take for granted that the armed forces of the parties to a conflict will abide by the four criteria specifically applicable to irregular troops.
    • The army and Marine Corps began to form and train units for irregular or guerrilla war operations.
    • From now on, they were to be regarded as the irregular troops of a military alliance at war with the United States, and indeed the civilized world as a whole.
    • Noriega had become increasingly dictatorial, relied on irregular paramilitary units, and was involved in drug trafficking.
    • In fact, regular as well as irregular troops opposed the US in many of the conflicts Boot cites.
    • Much of the countryside remains under the control of the Afghan warlords who use heroin money to maintain their irregular armies of up to 10,000 each.
    • The Army's 1899 Philippine Campaign led to important doctrine for irregular warfare.
    • Before the state commission army, forces were assembled from diverse sources, including mercenary bands and irregular bodies of troops raised by local nobles.
    • As the theatre of war moved south, so did the smallpox, primarily affecting civilians, camp followers, and irregular troops in both armies.
    • The Sanfedists were made into the irregular troops of the Papacy and all justice was dispensed in Church courts.
    • He commanded an irregular cavalry with the most striking uniforms which conquered many parts of the country for the British.
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    soldado irregular masculine
    the irregulars las tropas irregulares
    • During the war, beginning in eastern France, it was used to refer to groups of irregulars who had organized themselves to fight the Germans.
    • After all, in both wars, most of the fighting was against irregulars, who operated among civilians.
    • The mission, supposed to take roughly an hour, degenerated into a 15-hour shootout between 120 American soldiers and several thousand Somali irregulars and clan militia.
    • In its essence, this battle was typical of all those against the Iraqi irregulars.
    • Amitav Ghosh spent many weeks, at great personal risk, with the irregulars fighting the military regime in Burma.
    • Stricter martial law often applied to border states like Kentucky and Missouri, where populations with Confederate sympathies provided support for Confederate irregulars.
    • Personal leadership must still be exercised on these most ferocious of battlefields as we face shattered remnants and irregulars.
    • One report said that British forces faced ' lightly armed irregulars '.
    • US forces now see the main threat as ambushes by irregulars and some foreign volunteers.
    • Christian irregulars, seemingly cooperating with the military, forced the Muslim leaders to flee.
    • While repeating the Pentagon line that these irregulars were ‘forced to fight,’ Wallace acknowledged indirectly that the US military faces a hostile population.
    • The Filipino operational center of gravity was the ability to sustain its force of 100,000 irregulars in the field.
    • Apparently, this is equally true among guerrillas and other irregulars.
    • The basic U.S. strength in Afghanistan is 17,000 troops of " straight-legged " infantry - conventional forces ill-prepared to handle irregulars.
    • He's learnt that irregulars and paramilitaries can cause problems, using things like human shields.
    • Other combat units went in and used better reconnaissance and fighting skills to methodically eliminate the irregulars.
    • Reconstruction efforts are under way, but American troops remain targets of almost daily attacks by Iraqi irregulars.
    • Even aside from the bloody, two and a half century-long experience of struggle against native American irregulars, when has the country waged a plausibly symmetrical conflict?
    • Beware of irregulars and infiltrators trying to pass as civilians.
    • Meanwhile, specially trained anti-guerilla units, cavalry and African scouts and irregulars did much of the actual fighting.
  • 2irregulars plural

    artículos defectuosos masculine