Translation of irrelevant in Spanish:


irrelevante, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈrɛləvənt//ɪˈrɛlɪv(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (detail/fact) irrelevante
    (fact/detail) intrascendente
    that's irrelevant eso es irrelevante
    • the size of the building is quite irrelevant el tamaño del edificio no tiene ninguna importancia / no viene al caso
    • whether I agree or not seems to be irrelevant mi opinión parece no contar para nada
    • to be irrelevant to sth no tener relación / no tener que ver con algo
    • to be irrelevant to sb serle indiferente a algn
    • But I do not say that the first question is an irrelevant consideration.
    • Sorry, that was a cheap shot and entirely irrelevant to the question.
    • The fact that they were under a compliance audit at this time is largely irrelevant to the issue.
    • Nowadays critics are vapid, passionless creatures who seem increasingly irrelevant.
    • Her personal feelings about the doctors should be completely irrelevant to her decision.
    • To ask a further question without specific allegations in the pleadings renders this question irrelevant.
    • But you have no right simply to dismiss it as irrelevant or beneath your dignity.
    • After the conquest, the Wall became largely irrelevant to these victors, and drifted into eclipse.
    • Motive is important in detection and in arguing a case in court, but it is irrelevant to sentencing.
    • Today's technology has made geography almost irrelevant.
    • Because the main point about Howard's rhetoric was that it has become totally irrelevant.
    • Whether these agendas are predetermined or the product of free will, it's largely irrelevant from our perspective.
    • The Tories are totally irrelevant to this whole issue.
    • For some the desire was to render law irrelevant and redundant through technological innovation.
    • Actually, movie reviews seem almost entirely irrelevant these days.
    • The remainder of the section is irrelevant for the purposes of the present appeal.
    • If so, should current findings be deemed irrelevant for purposes of policy and law?
    • At first glance, a swimming pool might seem completely irrelevant to managing a fast-growing company.
    • The trend towards all-embracing competition policy made public ownership almost irrelevant for years despite questions of the public good.
    • With the latter, the hero becomes almost irrelevant to the life of the ordinary person.