Translation of irritate in Spanish:


irritar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɪrəˌteɪt//ˈɪrɪteɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    the constant buzzing irritated me beyond endurance el zumbido constante me sacaba de quicio / de las casillas
    • They struck me from all sides, caught me unaware, caught me speechless, angered me and irritated me to no end.
    • The maniacal, simplistic tone of this book is guaranteed to irritate anyone who ever had a thought of their own.
    • Ryan asked, but Meg could tell he wasn't irritated; his tone was teasingly amiable.
    • Their loud voices were beginning to irritate me and I could feel my headache sharpen.
    • I was talking the other day about types of people who irritate me.
    • Her voice was starting to irritate him; it was high pitched and squeaky.
    • She asked hopefully in a sweet tone though she was irritated by the man she had just taken an order from.
    • When it comes to people, they irritate the hell out of each other.
    • Carver was surprised that his views irritated so many people.
    • That angered me and irritated me and threw me, and I'm sure that was the case with a lot of actors from New York.
    • And this colonial attitude is something that really irritates the hell out of people who live in rural areas.
    • Towards the end, the very sound of his voice irritated me.
    • You're irritated because people tend to forget who you are when you participate in things.
    • I am incredibly irritated by people who don't think for themselves before asking questions.
    • Later that evening, Jenny remarked that she was irritated with Sara.
    • She was mildly irritated by the fact he didn't wait for her.
    • It really irritates me that people in the military have to pay tax while they are away fighting for their country.
    • I am extremely irritated when people take photos with the camera tilted.
    • Her screechy voice really irritated me, but it's not in my nature to blow people off.
    • The situation was made worse when Jason made a remark that had irritated her.
  • 2

    (make sore)
    (scalp/skin/membrane) irritar
    • Bulky socks often fit poorly, and a poor fit can irritate your skin.
    • It may irritate and inflame the eyelids and the white part of the eye.
    • Also, some bales may contain fungi or dust that may irritate the respiratory tract of horses.
    • After washing, pat the skin dry, don't irritate it by rubbing vigorously.
    • Even though it is natural, senna is harsh and can irritate the lower digestive tract.
    • Tobacco smoke irritates sinus linings, leading to inflammation and blocked passages.
    • Pulling hay from above causes dust and mold to become airborne, irritating the respiratory tract.
    • Some topical acne medicines may irritate your skin, especially in the first few weeks that you use them.
    • Gauderman believes chronic inflammation may play a role, with air pollutants irritating small airways on a daily basis.
    • A long, hot shower or bath to warm up after being outside dries and irritates skin.
    • The player cannot twist or turn and the more work they do causes the pain to increase because inflammation irritates the nervous system.
    • Air that is too dry can irritate the lining of your nose, throat and sinuses and may even cause the lining of your nose to bleed.
    • Radiation therapy can irritate healthy tissue in its path.
    • Instead, the acid irritates the lining of the gullet, causing the burning pain.
    • The top of the femoral canal may be reinforced by a mesh made of a synthetic material that does not irritate the body.
    • This constant backwash of acid can irritate the lining of your esophagus, causing it to be irritated and inflamed.
    • Without the protection of the eyelid, the inside of the eyelid and the surface of your eye may become dry, irritated and inflamed.
    • Acne medicine might irritate your skin or make it too dry.
    • Every single square inch of your body is irritated.
    • In children who develop asthma, the airways become irritated and inflamed.