Translation of island in Spanish:


isla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈaɪlənd//ˈʌɪlənd/


  • 1

    isla feminine
    an island of sanity in the midst of the urban chaos un remanso en medio del caos urbano
    • before noun island communities tend to be conservative las comunidades insulares tienden a ser conservadoras
    • he was welcomed by the island community los isleños le dieron la bienvenida
    • The world's smallest lizard has been discovered on a tiny Caribbean island off the coast of the Dominican Republic.
    • A passenger jet crashes on a deserted Pacific island.
    • In Bangladesh, coastal areas and some offshore islands have been severely affected by floods as well as violent storms.
    • Forced transmigration programs involved moving people from the densely populated island of Java to the eastern provinces.
    • Together with the slightly more mountainous Antigua, they make up the island nation.
    • The first Europeans to visit these uninhabited islands thought they were bewitched.
    • A tiny speck in the Sulu Sea offers a little known island paradise.
    • The Keys are a group of coral islands stretching 100 miles from the tip of mainland Florida.
    • Cuba is an island nation located on the northern rim of the Caribbean Sea.
    • She longed to visit the island in the middle.
    • Some small uninhabited Pacific islands that have existed for centuries have disappeared.
    • Their latest stop was on the beautiful holiday island of Phi Phi in Thailand.
    • Soviet troops seized the islands at the end of the war.
    • A princess visits an island inhabited by two tribes.
    • Today's birds descend from a generalist ancestral finch that invaded the islands from mainland Ecuador.
    • The game still starts off with you escorting an inquisitive journalist to a remote tropical island.
    • The tiny uninhabited island is in the Sea of Japan halfway between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.
    • No one can ever be really available on our imaginary Pacific desert island mentioned earlier.
    • The water which surrounds the island is a rich fishing ground for tuna and mackerel.
    • Delegates from around 190 nations began the session Monday on the Indonesian resort island of Bali.
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    (in road)
    isla feminine
    • They have put traffic calming islands in the road, but lorries just swerve round them like juggernauts.
    • I'm not talking about speed cameras, but traffic lights, pedestrian islands etc.
    • There is ample land available at the eastern end to cater for a proper island and traffic calming zone.
    • He lurches the car across the traffic island and accelerates toward the oncoming traffic.
    • There are about 37 traffic islands and numerous medians in that part of the city.