Translation of isolated in Spanish:


aislado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈʌɪsəleɪtɪd//ˈaɪsəˌleɪdəd/


  • 1

    (cut off, remote)
    (place) aislado
    he leads a very isolated life lleva una vida muy solitaria
    • he felt completely isolated in his grief se sentía totalmente aislado en su dolor
    • In remote and isolated regions of the Pacific Rim, for instance, these problems are considerably magnified.
    • Urban design tends to concern itself with the collective, architecture with isolated buildings.
    • The views from the house are fantastic, though if you look back at old family photographs you see that it once was quite an isolated building.
    • JFK is forced to handle political dealings, serial killing gangs and defend the isolated building from a nuclear strike.
    • The model for the great boarding schools was one with a remote, isolated site and harsh regime.
    • Of the 187 whites killed, the majority were convicts working as shepherds and stockmen on isolated properties in remote locations.
    • Villages around Swindon are being encouraged to take part in a scheme to bring touring arts to more isolated areas.
    • He is, as best anyone can tell, in Afghanistan, which means that he's operating in one of the most remote and isolated places on earth.
    • Outreach youth workers do try to target more isolated villages, but it is difficult.
    • Denmark's orderly agricultural landscape is richly studded with traditional buildings including country estates, villages and isolated farms.
    • He laughed upon hearing that there was now a McDonald's on the isolated and remote Aleutian outpost.
    • Smaller villages, depressed coalfield areas and more remote or isolated settlements are more likely to experience pub closures.
    • Avoid creating relatively isolated areas within book stacks.
    • Sara adds that the most culturally and geographically isolated communities in South Africa are Asian.
    • "We are achieving good prices for houses located in rural, fairly isolated areas, " said Byrne.
    • It touches most Indonesian social cultures, especially in isolated and remote communities.
    • After the completion of the Telegraph Station it remained an isolated group of buildings in the middle of nowhere.
    • Nowadays, colleges are no longer isolated or remote ivory towers.
    • But what if he drove her to some remote, isolated place and left her there?
    • The north part of Belgium consists of isolated farms between villages, while the south tends to contain larger groups of farms.
  • 2

    (incident/case) aislado
    • Therefore nature cannot be divided into isolated building blocks.
    • But they haven't said they can't find them, except for very isolated cases, like nurses.
    • Comparing FDP to all other injured individuals, an isolated fall was the commonest cause of injury in all groups.
    • The recent incidents were more isolated cases that " hopefully will not spread " to other parts.
    • Except in isolated instances, when it becomes absolutely necessary to do otherwise, I see tankers continuing to do what they were trained to do.
    • In fact, it was neither isolated nor exceptional.
    • ‘You're getting more muscles involved than in just single isolated moves,’ Giswold explains.
    • In any event, this appeared to be a single isolated incident.
    • Now it appears Daniel's was not an isolated case as five other parents have contacted the Bolton Evening News saying their children are in the same position.
    • A couple of expert financial analysts were wheeled on to explain that this fraudulent behaviour, far from involving only a few isolated cases, is now extremely common.
    • Thus far it looks like it's a very isolated incident.
    • But the scandal of Enron's collapse is not an isolated example of a single company run amok, or even a handful of companies.
    • Most Americans believe the abuses were isolated instances, not common occurrences.
    • Generally, with isolated and notable exceptions such as impaired driving, the perceived risk of detection for commission of a crime is low.
    • There were differences between late and early students in understanding normal English speech, isolated sentences, and single vocabulary.
    • I recount this, not to boost my ego nor to base my belief in the goodwill of youth on this single and isolated incident.
    • But this is idiocy, discovery will prove this isn't an isolated incident.
    • But Edwards believes they are more common than the three apparently isolated cases in Britain, the United States and Holland suggest.
    • His was not an isolated existence, but was rather a small part of a very long chain.
    • Are these isolated contacts or do they show just the most visible strands of a tangled skein of integration?