Translation of issue in Spanish:


tema, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪʃu//ˈɪsjuː//ˈɪʃuː/


  • 1

    (subject discussed)
    tema masculine
    cuestión feminine
    asunto masculine
    she was trying to evade the issue estaba tratando de eludir / soslayar el problema
    • to face the issue enfrentarse al / afrontar el problema
    • let's not cloud / confuse / fog the issue no desviemos la atención del verdadero problema
    • we are campaigning on the issues nuestra campaña se centra en los problemas que hay que resolver
    • to join issue with sb enfrentarse con algn
    • Deploying isolated tactical security products will not solve the complex security issues facing tomorrow's Internet community.
    • And scientific progress is a force that's apt to create, rather than solve, thorny ethical issues.
    • Members have a right to debate these contentious issues thoroughly.
    • Money was definitely the issue in this case.
    • I also wonder: would there be privacy issues associated with public perusal of the tapes?
    • The present research was designed to explore substantive issues relating to levels of burnout among New Zealand primary school teachers.
    • What do you think are the most important issues in this campaign?
    • By night he's a singer and stand-up comic who uses bad language and tackles controversial social issues.
    • No amount of appeals to the government for education reforms will resolve the fundamental issues at stake.
    • Resolving the abduction issue is an urgent matter.
    • The others each brought some insight about this critical issue from their own perspectives and from their own specialist areas.
    • The news seems to be dominated by issues of race this morning.
    • For at its heart this election has highlighted the thorny, divisive issue of what that flag stands for.
    • Learn the key environmental issues facing this premier tourist destination from local guides and activists.
    • Will reputation networks solve all the safety issues relating to online dating?
    • Let's talk about some other sensitive issues on your agenda.
    • The issues which arise are issues of principle; they turn on no contested facts.
    • They handle very sensitive issues dealing with national security.
    • On other key policy issues, opinions were less divided.
    • If you were a Georgetown student, would you feel free to debate controversial issues related to sexual orientation?
    • We will now have to consider critical issues affecting the attitudes and temperament of our young boys.
  • 2

    problema masculine
    to have an issue issue with sth tener problemas con algo
  • 3

    • 3.1

      (of documents) expedición feminine
      (of library books) préstamo masculine
      (of tickets) venta feminine
      (of tickets) expedición feminine
      (of supplies) reparto masculine
      the date/place/office of issue la fecha/el lugar/la oficina de expedición
      • his trousers were regulation issue sus pantalones eran los reglamentarios
      • The company is involved in a put option structure which could shortly lead to a major issue of shares in Spain.
      • Sports Illustrated will publish its world-famous swimsuit issue next month.
      • In the April 6 issue there appears an article under the byline of staffer Handrie Basson.
      • This paper was an earlier version of the article of the same title which appears in this issue.
      • Several tours and issues have come since, with distribution going right across the country.
      • The officials hoped that this would pave the way for issue of licence by the end of the month.
      • There was no limit to bank note issue, except the utmost which each bank could keep afloat.
      • The findings are being published in this week's issue of the journal Nature.
      • New insights on this key issue have been provided by three articles published in this issue.
      • However, plans for the unit sales and bond issue remain at an early stage, he added.
      • The Legislature had in mind such transactions as the transfer and sale and issue of securities.
      • This thing is supposed to be done and published in the April 30th issue of the Citizen.
      • The downside is that sometimes you end up publishing a very thin issue as was the case February.
      • The President of the SPCA did so at once, but to date that response has not appeared in any issue.
      • Based on the Japan Times news item reprinted in this issue, it appears as if he's game.
      • One of the editorial board told Socialist Worker that it is on course for 9,000 sales of its latest issue.
      • See update on the team's progress in the Aghamore notes in this week's issue.
      • The interview is published in the next issue of Vanity Fair, on sale from December 3.
      • Due to computer problems the local notes were not included in last week's issue of the Western People.
      • In next month's issue of Vogue magazine Parker claims that she may move to Ireland permanently with her husband.
      • Currently, we are working on an alliance with a major publisher to produce and distribute each issue as a book.
      • Montague published his findings in the October 2004 issue of Neuron, and a cottage industry was born.
      • Later, consideration will be given to making it part of the initial free issue of uniform made to new entrants.
      • The two most important clauses for the purposes of the preliminary issue were clauses 4 and 13.
      • A full report on the launch of the festival will be published in next week's issue.
      • As this issue of Imprint is distributed, it is the last day of classes for the winter 2004 term.
      • The research appears in this week's issue of the Journal of Biochemistry.
      • The full list of winners is published on our sports pages in this week's issue.

    • 3.2(of stamps, shares, bank notes)

      emisión feminine
      before noun issue price tipo de emisión masculine

    • 3.3(of newspaper, magazine)

      número masculine
      July issue now on sale el número de julio ahora a la venta

  • 4

    • 4.1formal (emergence)

      flujo masculine
      a copious issue of water/blood/pus un copioso flujo de agua/sangre/pus
      • The successful issue of the great battle increased business and made the general attitude still firmer.

    • 4.2(outcome, result)

      desenlace masculine
      the issue is still in doubt el desenlace es aún dudoso

  • 5formal

    descendencia feminine
    he died without issue murió sin descendencia
    • Their eldest son, another Tyringham Backwell, had died without male issue in 1748.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (give out)
    (report/statement) hacer público
    (instructions) dar
    (visas/tickets) expedir
    (library books) prestar
    (bank notes/currency/shares/stamps) emitir
    (summons/writ) dictar
    (writ/summons) expedir
    to issue sth to sb
    • to issue sb with sth
    • the teacher issued library cards to the pupils el profesor distribuyó tarjetas de lector entre los alumnos
    • we can issue you with the necessary documents le podemos proporcionar / suministrar los documentos necesarios
    • On 12 February 1912 an edict of abdication was issued on behalf of the child Emperor.
    • Following the procedure, the court immediately issued the warrant, Lina said.
    • The judge then issued a bench warrant for her arrest.
    • A press release recording the termination of the management agreement was issued on 18th May.
    • A recall notice has been issued which should be of interest to those Americans who purchase their drugs in Canada.
    • Tauranga police today issued a tongue-in-cheek statement saying a robbery had taken place.
    • I want the Prime Minister to issue a very reconciliatory statement at his next rally.
    • A marriage certificate was also issued by the temple authorities.
    • Hospital bosses today issued an unreserved apology to Ms Smith.
    • They make money cashing the checks they issue at the end of each shift.
    • The Monaghan investigation report was subsequently issued on July 7 while the Dublin report was finished on August 9.
    • An application was issued on 21 July by Mr. Medcalf to strike out that account.
    • The work group is to prepare this regulation, which is to be approved and issued by the minister of justice.
    • The town council and North Wiltshire District Council are not issuing any statements.
    • So keep the place supplied with the essentials or issue a printed warning to bring your own.
    • A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he fled to Switzerland.
    • One of the most notable trends is a persistent drop in cases where no tax documents are issued for the sale of goods or services.
    • The leaflets were issued on 22 May, to be returned by 5 June.
    • A medical certificate was duly issued on April 4th, 1883 saying that Thomas Higgins was first-class insurance material.
    • The government has also issued a statement calling on the public to " revolt against the striking trade unions".
    • Lee said it is unclear whether a joint document will be issued after the meeting.
    • One of the important decrees issued by this council under the Pope's direction referred to Papal elections.
    • The Dublin district courts have refused to issue summonses which don't have a euro stamp.
    • Any chance of you ever issuing the script for sale?
    • The banknote was never issued for circulation, and the banknote in the auction was probably unique.
    • Both detention and compulsory questioning need to be authorised by a warrant issued by a prescribed authority.
    • The company recently issued a statement suspending the rights of some shareholders to sell their stock for cash.
    • A new bill, issued by the Minister of Trade and Commerce, is not going to make it any easier.
    • The transaction is expected to close within ten days, subject to the terms of the sale order issued by the bankruptcy court.
    • The real question is why any minister would need to issue such an order.
    • During the past two centuries, 13 Scottish banks have issued notes for circulation in this country.
    • The Australian government recently issued a warning about a possible new terrorist outrage in Indonesia.
    • Police yesterday issued a stern warning that no intimidation of workers would be tolerated at the plant today.
    • Police today issued a safety warning after reports of increased car engine " transplanting".
    • And they could face jail if they refuse to co-operate with parenting orders issued by courts in Stockport.
    • The lawsuit has been issued on behalf of some of these students.
    • Lancashire Royal British Legion received a supply of the badges and was told to issue them to all those who were eligible.
    • The government also issued a formal apology for the injustice that was done.
    • The inquest was told that leaflets and documents are published for parents, issuing warnings on cot deaths.
    • The headquarters yesterday issued a press release to confirm that the freeway was indeed a part of the exercises.
  • 2issuing present participle

    (bank/house) emisor

intransitive verb


  • 1

    to issue from sth derivar(se) / surgir de algo formal
    • On the sides, long-eared creatures utter foliage from their mouths, and more stems issue from two heads at the rear.
    • Two fire engines, from Marlborough and Pewsey, were called after smoke was seen issuing from the building.
    • The text may also be viewed as a legal instruction, issuing from God, requiring a particular and mandatory punishment for murder.
    • Such sentiments have been made explicit in numerous statements and articles issuing from Iraqi Shia media sources.
    • His voice is a reedy hush, like a jet of water issuing from a punctured pipe.
    • Closing her eyes, she released a shudder as images flowed through her mind like words would be issued from her lips.
    • We will see a process whereby any lie issuing from any of them is amplified by the others, creating a multiplier effect.
    • One moment I was peacefully watching TV and the next was assailed by a high volume string of expletives issuing from the kitchen.
    • Almost at once, the smell of plant life issued from the room ducts as fresh air from the outside began to vent throughout ship.
    • This personal capacity surely comes from insatiable love for mankind, issuing from total trust in God.
    • There'll be no white smoke issuing from the chimney, no papal politics, no dressing up in natty crimson robes.
    • Instead, like the earlier temple buildings, new additions were positioned to relate to the springs and the flow of the water issuing from them.
    • Eroding sand, gravel and clay, with occasional springs issuing from them, present an unstable habitat for a few plants.
    • All products issuing from established publishers are not gold.
    • He fought hard to keep his lunch down as the smell issuing from the creature infiltrated his nostrils.
    • Spring Wood does not take its name from the season but from the many springs which issue from the highlands above the wood.
    • The noise issuing from these beasts was not unlike most people's idea of what hell must sound like.
    • True to his promise, the mayor insists on giving me a demonstration, pressing a button so that the captain's recorded voice issues from a speaker.
    • If I had been a cartoon character you'd have seen a cloud with a picture of a tub of popcorn issuing from my mouth.
    • There are two sets of results issuing from the research outlined above.
    • Less sensible platitudes are currently issuing from the mouths of our leaders.
    • In recent years a flow of cookbooks numbering in the thousands has steadily issued from American publishing houses.
  • 2

    (liquid) fluir
    (liquid) manar