Translation of it'd in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɪtəd//ˈɪdəd/

  • 1

    • If I'd paid for my subscription, I'd certainly feel that it'd been mis-sold and I'd want my money back.
    • It was as though it'd been written by someone other than Barbara.
    • It was a mild day, warmer than it'd been in weeks.
    • This afternoon BHP announced it'd secured 56 per cent of the shares in WMC.
    • If it'd been silent that would have been weird, so I should probably be thankful for some white-noise.

    it had

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    • But I can't just dump her and find some new friends cause making friends takes time and it'd be really mean.
    • The creators figured it'd be a hit amongst junior nerds.
    • And if the film were a haircut, it'd definitely need a hat.
    • Surely, it'd have to be something more appropriate.
    • ‘I thought it'd be like stage fright but for the next 12 years,’ he recalls.
    • I am computer savvy, and had read other blogs and thought it'd be worth a shot.
    • I've actually found loads of things, but won't put them up for sale all at once; I think it'd be better to stagger them all over the next few weeks.
    • You can fantasize to your heart's content, but you'll probably never really know what it'd be like if you and Dream Boy got together.
    • Look, I think it'd be a very different job from this one.
    • Besides, we're heading off for Mexico before long, and it'd be silly to travel all that way with an incomplete kit.
    • Computers in those days didn't have a screen attached, all you had was a printer, so you'd type in your moves and it'd print out what happened.
    • And then I heard her speak, and I thought it'd be good to talk to this woman.
    • ‘We thought it'd be a good time,’ they say, a general sentiment echoed by many men on board.
    • I liked the penthouse immediately but thought it'd be far too expensive.
    • Can't imagine it'd have made things a lot better.
    • If you redid it now with minimal changes to the script and setup, and a hefty FX budget, I reckon it'd go down rather well…
    • Otherwise it'd be the most embarrassing thing ever, you know.
    • Then it'd cloud over and start threatening rain.
    • You'd probably look at it now and it'd be shocking.
    • That said, sometimes it'd be nice to be a bit picky.

    it would