Translation of Italianate in Spanish:


italiano, adj.


Pronunciation /ɪˈtaljəneɪt//əˈtæljəˌneɪt/


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    • As its fresco-like nature suggests, much of the finished painting appears Italianate in conception.
    • Their interpretations ooze with the music's Italianate nature, and the elegance and grace they convey is exceptional.
    • Greek Revival and Italianate mansions line the broad streets of this stately, historic neighborhood.
    • It's quite Italianate and we hope very beautiful.
    • Unfortunately, Guleghina can't muster their Italianate style, and her portrayal has less character than those mentioned above.
    • He got it: the local architect Andrews and Pepper gave him a graceful Italianate complex on a 27-acre site, with 16 acres of working floors inside.