Translation of ivy in Spanish:


hiedra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʌɪvi//ˈaɪvi/


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    hiedra feminine
    • Asters look fabulous combined with gold variegated trailing ivies and heathers with lime-green or flame coloured foliage.
    • Containers can be given a new lease of life by replacing these plants with autumn and winter specimens such as pansies, winter-flowering heathers, hardy cyclamen and evergreen ivies.
    • Standards of plants not requiring dormant cycles, such as bougainvillea, hibiscus, ivies or geraniums, have a simple winter culture.
    • Ours grows along horizontal wires and into the mass of other wall shrubs that exist on the wall and which include climbing hydrangea, ivy and Virginia creeper.
    • There are some ivies, for example, that will do well year-round even in cold weather, and in this way you can prepare now for having a little greenery well into the winter months.
    • It now emerges that the ivies and other foliage, which are a by-product of the soft, lime-based mortar we use to point the walls, are not damaging to the walls, and can actually provide protection for the winter.
    • Cape ivy harms willows by overgrowing saplings and blocking out light the trees need to survive.
    • Climbers are great for hiding drainpipes, but go for neater, smaller ivies or the scented Trachelospermum jaminoides or Jasminum polyanthum.
    • Angela showed many different ivies and demonstrated what could be achieved with them including a standard plant, a fascinating wall made up of ivy trained on a wire structure and a colourful hanging basket.
    • The once bare sandstone buildings are covered with constricting vines, ivies, and mosses.
    • Essentially evergreen, woody climbers, most ivies are self-clinging and most are hardy.
    • Spider plants and ivies are ideal for desks, and a large-leaved Ficus lyrata or Phoenix roebelinii will cheer up a bare corner.
    • Remember too the evergreen ivies, many lustrous with brightly variegated foliage.
    • Two trailing ivies filled a corner of the front edge each; they like alkaline soil so I will have to remember not to give them any coffee mulch.
    • The path is lined by hedgerows of hawthorn and ivy and trees form a natural canopy.
    • Feenfinger is a dark green miniature ivy with tiny pointed birdsfoot shaped leaves densely packed on self-branching steams.
    • We chose 3 varieties of thyme to put in the edges of the raised bed and 3 climbing plants to fill the trellis by the gate - two ivies and a honeysuckle.
    • Fig ivy is vigorous and will quickly regrow, so you will need to eliminate the roots or spend time trimming in the future.
    • Hanging planters also make a good home for anything that will trail and spill over, such as ivies and creeping phlox, especially if the planter is hanging above eye level.
    • The classic window box plant is ivy, from plain dark green to variegated pale green and white.