Translation of jack-in-the-box in Spanish:


caja de sorpresas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒakɪnðəbɒks//ˈdʒæk ɪn ðə ˌbɑks/


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    (con muñeco a resorte) caja de sorpresas feminine
    • This charming musical jack-in-the-box is certain to delight anyone who holds it in their hands! As you turn the crank, the melody plays and when the music stops, out pops the jester.
    • The jack-in-the-box offers continual delight. Known since the 16th century, and appearing as a Punch box (minus sidekick Judy), an admiral on a stick, and a Johnny jump-up, sometimes the jack figure was more horrible than humorous.