Translation of jagged in Spanish:


irregular, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒæɡəd//ˈdʒaɡɪd/


  • 1

    (cut/edge) irregular
    (rock/cliff) recortado
    (cliff/rock) con picos
    • A wind whistled through the jagged rocks and the growl of thunder rolled around the mountain slopes.
    • The knife has been described as having a six or seven-inch blade with a jagged edge down one side only.
    • Some look out over jagged urban skyscapes, while others survey open green countryside.
    • Niall was clearing the remaining jagged edges of glass from the windows and banging on the side of the wreck in the hope of some response.
    • The sign was on a random piece of wood with jagged edges, like it had been broken off something.
    • Stuck at a boring party early in the film, de Van goes for a stroll out back and trips, cutting herself on some jagged metal.
    • They clambered up the jagged stones and tried not to slide down on spiky ones on the ways down.
    • Up ahead the skyline is jagged with the crags of Simon's Seat high on Barden Moor.
    • A drunk yelled, smashing the end of a bottle on top of the counter, the jagged edges pointed at me.
    • A canine tooth had fragmented long ago and jagged spikes of it were embedded in the animal's infected gums.
    • The city is beautifully located in the heart of the Pyrenees, with jagged peaks visible from almost any part of town.
    • The edges of the tattered hull weren't jagged or serrated like a normal gash caused by a rocket or something more powerful than a normal laser.
    • The other side however is broken in about 4 parts and jagged bits of bone are sticking out.
    • We got there as the sky was darkening and incredibly bright, jagged flashes of pink lightning sheeted across the sky.
    • As more jagged ribbons of lightening above set the sky alight, Ely swore aloud as he was blinded.
    • All I saw was jagged branches of bare, lifeless trees pointing towards a dull gray sky.
    • A walk along our curved bay hides the minutely jagged edges of a coast dissolving in the mist.
    • It's fairly even, and the good thing about having thick hair is that it isn't noticeable when the ends are jagged.
    • I went hiking and I saw jagged cliffs, rolling tundra and delicate purple saxifrage.
    • Lacking foothills, it appears to shoot straight up into the sky, its jagged granite peaks floating above the clouds.