Translation of jandal in Spanish:


chancla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒand(ə)l/


New Zealand

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    chancla feminine
    chancleta feminine
    ojota feminine River Plate
    • Even at our top restaurants shorts and jandals are not uncommon in the summer months.
    • Participants need to brink something to eat and drink (no Grog allowed on the ride) a helmet, sturdy pair of boots (no jandals or bare feet) and all bikes must have brakes.
    • Without a word, they trudge down the gravel path towards the water's edge and rising sun, Georgie in jandals and Caroline in gumboots, their boat on their shoulders.
    • We will be working with hot metal and tools so covering footwear please; no open shoes, sandals, slides or jandals allowed.
    • Alas, after a while, the sight of board shorts, singlets, jandals and sunglasses will make you wince.