Translation of jasmine tea in Spanish:

jasmine tea

té de jazmín, n.


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    té de jazmín masculine
    • If you are looking for a place to wind down, you may enter the old-style tea house and enjoy a cup of jasmine tea.
    • Green tea, jasmine tea and chai may soothe the body, but try Chinese bamboo wind chimes for that friend who needs some peace of mind.
    • All through the month, Lobby Lounge serves fresh-cut and fresh-made imperial Chinese tea featuring Dragon Well, King Kuan Ying, Oolong and jasmine tea.
    • For a true Chinese feast, plan on cooking nine or 10 dishes (one dish for each guest is the rule), and serve green or jasmine tea.
    • It has a full and bright scent, that doesn't smell over-oxidized, like so many jasmine teas on the market.