Translation of jaw in Spanish:


mandíbula, n.

Pronunciation: /dʒɔː//dʒɔ/


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    • 1.1

      mandíbula feminine
      (esp of animal) quijada feminine
      the lower/upper jaw el maxilar inferior/superior
      • his jaw dropped se quedó boquiabierto
      • The crocodile had mounted an offense and taken the body of a native, crushing him in its jaws.
      • I clench my jaws and remember my determination.
      • Most diprotodonts have three pairs of incisors in their upper jaws, but this number is reduced to one pair in one family, the wombats.
      • Ruminants also lack incisors in the upper jaw, and most lack canines in the upper jaw as well.
      • The dental arch of the lower jaw is in a state of mesial occlusion with that of the upper jaw.
      • See how a mother alligator protects her newborn hatchlings in her otherwise deadly jaws, and learn what dangers the babies face in the wild.
      • The jaw is undershot, which means the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw.
      • The lower jaw of the haddock is slightly shorter than the upper jaw and the fish has a small single barbel.
      • Thomas cites the experience of a nineteenth-century explorer saved by a companion just as a lion's jaws had begun to crush his chest.
      • Full dentures are needed when there are no teeth left in the upper or lower jaw.
      • The lower jaw is the primary site of force transmission from the body and jaw muscles to the jaws, in mouth opening and, to a lesser extent, jaw closing.
      • Humans may have learned about what a high fat, high protein meal the marrow was from the hyenas, who could crush bones with their jaws.
      • Fish with jaws usually have five functional pairs of gill arches.
      • Massive carnivorous dinosaurs known as spinosaurs had snouts and jaws similar to modern fish-eating crocodiles.
      • Capybaras are classified with the hystricognaths, but their jaws appear to have secondarily become almost sciurognathous.
      • In others, the way the upper and lower jaws meet can cause teeth to look unsightly and lead to an incorrect bite. Orthodontic treatment may be able to correct this.
      • The fossil skull's upper and lower jaws reveal deep channels and grooves that once held nerves and blood vessels.
      • The primary skeletal difference between reptiles and mammals is found in the structure of their jaws.
      • Named after their spotted coats and fearsome jaws, leopard seals have large, reptilian heads and streamlined bodies.
      • Six of these measurements capture cranial shape, and eight capture dental adaptations of both the upper and the lower jaw.

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      (feminine plural) fauces
      the jaws of death las garras de la muerte
      • to pluck / snatch victory from the jaws of defeat ganar cuando todo parece estar perdido

    • 1.3(of tool)

      mordaza feminine
      • We got the guys from the motor pool to weld a gun mount on the outside of the cupola - the brace on my mount was a huge wrench with thee-inch jaws.
      • Finally, the bucking pipe is gripped by the mechanical jaws of a massive clamp.
      • The device subject of the patent in issue in that case was a ‘workbench’ which combined a workbench, a saw horse and a vice with elongated jaws.
      • Cover the jaws of wrenches or vices with electrician's tape.
      • Make sure the jaws of the wrench or pliers are snug in position before you manipulate the handle, to avoid slippage or scraped knuckles.

  • 2dated, informal

    to have a jaw cotorrear informal
    • we had a jaw about old times estuvimos hablando de los viejos tiempos

intransitive verb

  • 1derogatory

    darle a la sinhueso informal
    cotorrear informal
  • 2

    charlar informal