Translation of jerk in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dʒərk//dʒəːk/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    the train jerked to a stop el tren se detuvo con una sacudida
    • he started to jerk about on the dance floor empezó a sacudirse en la pista
    • she jerked awake se despertó sobresaltada
    • the rope jerked taut la cuerda se tensó de un tirón
    • I rolled my eyes jerking my chin from Tunes hands.
    • He merely jerked her forward so that she was much closer to him than she would ever like to be.
    • A frogfish extends and dangles its illicium just above its mouth, flicking, jerking, and waving the lure.
    • Paul jerked his chin at me and then disappeared into his office.
    • Fleur remembered the crease under her chin and unconsciously jerked her neck backwards.
    • He glanced past her, jerking his chin in the direction of the lake.
    • Maggie shook her chin away and jerked her hand from his grasp.
    • I jerked up my chin to see my uncles had already cast down their shovels.
    • Pretty much my only moves involve jerking my arms robotically and twitching my head back and forth.
    • Cold leathery fingers suddenly grabbed Niall by the chin and jerked his head forward as the other High Sablebloods moved in for the kill.
    • Colonel Weatherly returned his attention to the windows and then jerked his chin toward the carriage parked out in front.
    • But I before he could finish I jerked his chin over to my face and made him look at me.
    • He jerks his chin in the direction of the cabin and beckons.
    • Nat grinned and jerked his chin toward the door to indicate Dyana follow him.
    • Andy called out, jerking his chin upward in the direction of the tall, slender, much sought-after brunette.
    • Pulling her long black hair out of her face, she jerked her chin at the door behind her.
    • He turns me around, jerking my chin up to look into his dead, black eyes.
    • It moved sharply, jerking its head and staring down at them with wildfire eyes, its fangs glimmering as it hissed, then disappeared.
    • ‘Have a seat,’ he continued, jerking his chin in the direction of a pair of chairs situated nearby.
    • If you jerk it forward quickly you can throw yourself into a dive - and you're on your own as the G-force kicks in.

transitive verb

  • 1

    he jerked the purse out of her hand le arrebató el monedero de la mano
    • the impact jerked him forward el impacto lo propulsó hacia adelante
    • she jerked open the door abrió la puerta bruscamente


  • 1

    • 1.1(tug)

      tirón masculine
      • He motioned behind him with a jerk of his thumb.
      • Instead of releasing me, he gave my wrist a jerk, pulling me a step closer.
      • My tolerance for ego-inflated jerks was just about finished up already.
      • Then she felt a swift jerk on her sleeve and she noted Rina pulling desperately.
      • He gave a startled jerk and pulled away, surprising the one who was holding him with how strong he actually was.
      • The kids felt a sudden sideways jerk as a whining noise began to permeate the room.
      • Salazar caught their waiter's eye and called him over with a quick jerk of the head.
      • I made my first cast and made two short pulls when the fly was taken with a violent jerk.
      • With a jerk of the head, the Locum Yellow Rose vomited a scroll of paper onto the carpet.
      • With a quick jerk of the head there was a crack.
      • And when the jerk of the rope pulled him back and tossed him a hundred feet back into the air, a wide grin broke across his face.
      • Jack roughly broke her grip with a jerk of his wrist.
      • Ryan turns the sink faucet on with a jerk of his wrist, splashing the cold water on his face.
      • As soon as they attacked, he pulled his hands apart with a jerk, breaking the rope.
      • With a jerk of her thumb she gestured to where boxes upon boxes stood stacked.
      • An unexpected jerk on Sakura's back pulled her to the ground again.
      • With a rough jerk, he pulled down a cylindrical piston ringed with switches and green lights.
      • With a deft jerk of her wrist, she flung the flower out the window as well.
      • She was about to open her mouth to scream when she felt a sudden jerk.
      • With a sudden jerk of his head, the silent constable directed her roughly inside.

    • 1.2(sudden movement)

      sacudida feminine
      she awoke with a jerk se despertó sobresaltada
      • with a jerk of the head sacudiendo la cabeza

  • 2informal

    (contemptible person)
    estúpido masculine
    estúpida feminine
    memo masculine informal
    mema feminine informal
    pendejo masculine Latin America Southern Cone informal
    pendeja feminine Latin America Southern Cone informal
    gilipollas masculine Spain informal
    huevón masculine Andes Venezuela informal
    huevona feminine Andes Venezuela informal
    • I'm willing to say that yes, I am a moron, and a jerk, and I will pay all costs for your heel and dress to be cleaned and fixed.
    • He started to step forward, intent on following the jerk, but Kenta was at his side before he could so much as shuffle forward half a step.
    • Kenji, being the impatient jerk, quickly pulled the towel out of Unbi's pants.
    • Until the dog and I were out for a stroll and happened along some jerks throwing rocks in the ocean.
    • If Anna wanted to go off and marry some jerk what did it matter to him?
    • He's got to be the biggest jerk in the whole world.
    • Margot Kidder stars as a jerk of a nurse in charge of an elderly hospital wing.
    • We're all looking like incompetent jerks right now.
    • Now she was asking for his permission to date the jerk.
    • I know I may sound like a jerk when I insist she isn't pregnant, but she isn't.
    • I suddenly felt this sick feeling in my gut like I had been the biggest jerk in the world.
    • This was pretty cool, until I realized that the only reason driving is this easy is that I am one of the jerks still working.
    • No longer was he the annoying, immature jerk next door.
    • Although I think it's foolish and her boyfriend is a jerk for suggesting it, I am more concerned about the value and safety of this thing.
    • They even manage to love the jerk who does it all to them.
    • Rett nodded, thinking to himself that that guy was a real jerk.
    • Personally, I thought the guy was a total jerk.
    • So if he turns out to be a jerk you can just drag me away and I won't have to talk to him again!
    • He didn't have to tell me not to cry, I had no intention of crying in front of the jerk.
    • I nodded my head slowly… suddenly realizing that I was dealing with an arrogant conceited jerk!