Translation of jet lag in Spanish:

jet lag

jet lag, n.


  • 1

    jet lag masculine
    (sufrido tras un largo viaje en avión) desfase horario masculine
    • Crossing numerous time zones leaves many people suffering from jet lag.
    • At noon the next day, eyelids heavy from jet lag and cascades of sunshine, we set about exploring.
    • I sank into king-sized relief, only to find my jet lag and a two-week London hangover waiting for me there.
    • There are various methods that may help you avoid jet lag or reduce its effects.
    • In addition to making you look haggard as you de-board, dehydration compounds the effects of jet lag.
    • I promise to respond to some of the Comments as soon as my jet lag recedes.
    • I hope you've recovered from any jet lag suffered from your recent Middle East listening tour.
    • Put one on at bedtime, or pop it in the fridge and wear it as you catnap, to reduce signs of jet lag or fatigue.
    • On average it takes one day per time zone crossed to recover from the effects of jet lag.
    • Billy and I had to wake up at the crack of dawn and my jet lag still haunts my sleeping pattern.
    • Apparently, urine drinking is increasingly popular with the sushi generation, who believe it may be the cure of many ills, including jet lag.
    • Rapid transition through multiple time zones causes jet lag, which can be prevented by melatonin.
    • We all had a couple of days here to recover from ferocious jet lag.
    • She travelled a lot but there was never any jet lag or fuss.
    • In division one the recently returned Mr Loy fired an impressive 42 points, shaking off the last effects of his jet lag.
    • Despite returning from the States the previous day jet lag did not deter her scoring a brilliant goal playing at half forward.
    • ‘I guess we have jet lag,’ said the tall one with the blonde hair and chiselled chin.
    • Unlike those around him, the naturalised German citizen's only physical ailment was jet lag.
    • Uncomfortable hours compounding the effects of his jet lag.
    • Jo-Jo was a little lost but he's suffering from jet lag.