Translation of jetliner in Spanish:


reactor de pasajeros, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛtˌlaɪnər//ˈdʒɛtlʌɪnə/


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    reactor de pasajeros masculine
    • After boarding the Ariana jetliner, Rahman found himself and his aircraft surrounded by several thousand irate pilgrims.
    • There were only very small pieces of that American Airlines jetliner.
    • For safety's sake, all domestic airlines were ordered to ground their Bombardier CRJ - 200 jetliners for inspection after the accident.
    • The order for 50 jetliners is the largest by a single airline in the history of Boeing, which valued it at $6 billion based on 7E7 price lists.
    • News reports said the planes were jetliners, a 757 and a 767.
    • Several passengers on the jetliner, which took off from Bombay, said the pilot told them there had been an ‘exercise’ to test security.
    • In Britain, Royal Air Force fighter planes scrambled today to escort a Greek jetliner to a London airport.
    • However, there is growing suspicion that the jetliner, which was carrying 179 people, may have hit an object on the runaway before the crash.
    • The Boeing Company is the largest aerospace company in the world, and the leader in manufacturing both commercial jetliners and military aircraft.
    • The ideal jetliner, the ideal helicopter, the ideal fighter shapes have already been discovered, given what we know.
    • Meanwhile all 251 passengers on the jetliner died.
    • It is not often that larger jetliners experience sudden depressurization, but these events do occur for a variety of reasons.
    • ‘The future of our core business - building and selling jetliners - is tied to the future of the air-traffic system,’ he said.
    • For safety's sake, starting November 23, all domestic airlines were ordered to ground their Bombardier CRJ - 200 jetliners for inspection.
    • During the past two decades, more than 60 airplanes, mostly commercial jetliners, have been damaged by in-flight encounters with volcanic ash.
    • Airline mechanics are inspecting hundreds of MD - 80 series jetliners.
    • Stingers can shoot down aircraft, including civilian jetliners, flying at low altitudes.
    • The asylum-seekers arrived in the Philippine capital on Friday night aboard a China Southern Airlines jetliner from Beijing.
    • The unusual pact would see Boeing's 767 jetliners converted to tankers and leased to the military.
    • Chinese Airforce pilots are renowned for unswerving confidence in their ability to land jetliners with only half the runway allotted - just like a fighter jet.