Translation of jig in Spanish:


giga, n.

Pronunciation /dʒɪɡ//dʒɪɡ/


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    giga feminine
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    plantilla de guía feminine
    • Insert one or more boards into a jig that guides your saw.
    • Welding jigs should be eliminated where possible to eliminate slow and expensive tooling changes.
    • The French Hawks would be built with airframe jigs and tools purchased by the French.
    • In the past, heavy, complicated jigs clamped panels and essentially surrounded the vehicle frame as it was welded together.
    • All specimens were prepared for mechanical testing by being potted in a custom jig and fixed in a vise.
    • The array of bits, jigs, edge guides, and other accessories is as varied and versatile as the basic router itself.
    • No longer do you need an array of tools such as a drill, a mortising jig for hinges, strikes, and bolt plate.
    • These special tools, called jigs and fixtures, make jobs easier and allow the gunsmith to turn out quality work, fast and efficiently.
    • We have bent a number of bows using a steam box and a jig with a block and tackle and pulleys to bend them around a form.
    • These sutures were then attached to a load cell mounted on a tensioning jig.
    • However, in 2005 the plan calls for production of entirely new-build Vipers for which the company will have to build jigs and tools.
    • The Miltech shop is a jumble of jigs, tools and fixtures, each dedicated to a specific task, such as an original M1 barrel vise.
    • Former employee Matthew Hall, of Idle, worked at Jowetts from 1937 to 1944, as a jig and tool designer.
    • The equipment, worth around R30000, includes two table saws, two belt sanders, a jig saw and a lathe.
    • Make sure the dowel holes are aligned by using a dowel jig or a horizontal boring tool (if available).
    • To dowel the top prepare to drill the dowel holes using a horizontal boring tool or a doweling jig and centers.
    • Individual pieces will be hand placed on the jigs for automated welding.
    • Drill dowel holes according to the plans, using a dowel jig or a horizontal boring machine.
    • Welding costs, for instance, were cut in half by adopting ‘flexible’ welding jigs and general-use pallets.
    • But using the boot as a jig is really what gives you the read.

intransitive verbjigging, jigged

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    they were jigging around to the music brincaban al son de la música
    • the vibration made it jig up and down se sacudía con la vibración
    • A long handle beats you to death during the vertical jigging motion for the plastic, or the zigzag for the topwater.
    • If the horse is jigging, take a deep breath, and let it out slowly.
    • She pointed at the jolly dancing figure, who jigged halfway up the stairs.
    • Ousel turned the helm to the right, and Misery jigged in dispute, much like a strong-willed colt will prance upon the pressure of a bit.
    • Finch looked up, his heart jigging with relief and surprise.
    • For redears, jigging (twitching your line) often produces the best results.
    • In a way it is a quite lighthearted series - we have animated medieval manuscripts, with characters jigging up and down.
    • So, what if you get on your horse and he starts jigging, trotting or moving around at an improper pace?
    • In a related compound-unit vein, Showtime presents a tight clutch of attenuated compartments, jigging vertically like a dancing city skyline in a Tex Avery cartoon.
    • The movement required to tramp the rice and free the chaff is called jigging.
    • And he smiled, and turned, and jigged off the bus.
    • How many times have you seen a horse blow up in the show ring, or jig down the trail, lose his concentration, or refuse to go in the trailer?