Translation of jilt in Spanish:


dejar plantado, v.

Pronunciation /dʒɪlt//dʒɪlt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    dejar plantado
    plantar informal
    • Whilst reveling in the acoustic rhythmic paradise I was jilted by the interruption of some very dodgy saxophone notes.
    • Aida is a young girl who is jilted by her lover, Marcello.
    • So why am I now like a moping, jilted lover who has just discovered that flowers still smell and the sun also rises?
    • Yes some women, heart broken by being jilted, will respond by genetically engineering sons who are more likely to be monogamous.
    • After the smoke cleared, it was discovered that Captain Henry had jilted the rest and made off with most of the booty.
    • A study of contract killings in Australia has found most are not ordered by criminals, but by angry spouses and jilted political lovers.
    • A note was delivered to her as I waited, but again I was jilted.
    • She herself was accused by the defence of being a ‘consummate actress’ who invented her story because Bamber had jilted her.
    • Perhaps he was jilted by a 28 year old woman, who knows.
    • The story of what and who can be found on a beach takes in characters such as models, lifeguards, and a girl who has jilted her fiancé.
    • His sudden voice had jilted me from the conversation Duhze and I were having.
    • The film also resists the temptation to turn Mandras into a cardboard-cut out jilted lover.
    • These are real people who have left damaged families, jilted lovers, and dark secrets behind.
    • The woman, it appears, had not only been jilted by the drapery assistant but he had also ‘circulated a scandalous report about her’.
    • He sees her every performance and insinuates himself into her life, then ends up marrying her when she is jilted by her lover.
    • Throughout the course of the film, we learn that a young lover jilted her, then she lost his child during a pregnancy she never told him about.
    • They have been jilted at the altar one too many times.
    • I feel like some jilted lover or something from Shakespeare, thinking these things to myself.
    • Students use it to research their papers, jilted lovers use it to stalk their exes - and journalists use it for just about everything.
    • Is it more painful to be jilted by a lover or an entire nation?