Translation of jingle in Spanish:


tintineo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɪŋɡəl//ˈdʒɪŋɡ(ə)l/


  • 1

    tintineo masculine
    (of harness bells) cascabeleo masculine
    (of harness bells) tintineo masculine
    • Leaning back slightly, he felt the porcelain gun on the inside of his coat, rubbing against his side, and the light jingle of a jar of pills.
    • Suddenly he heard the slight jingle of keys in the hallway, followed by footsteps.
    • The jingle of her anklets was matched by the jingle of her laughter.
    • It reduces them to the level of a jingle, a word that describes the sound of change in your pocket, which is what your songs become.
    • Janet immediately shot up when she heard the jingle of keys just outside the entrance.
    • There is an occasional cough, the shuffle of a footstep, the jingle of some coins, and the rattle of newspapers.
    • His index finger looped through a chain of car keys and he shook it with a jingle over his shoulder.
    • Abruptly, Adrian heard the sound of a jingle coming from outside his apartment door.
    • After a moment, I heard his footsteps fade into a jingle of keys and a hacking cough.
    • The rhythmic beating of hooves, and jingle of the harness fell into sync with the serenade of the forest.
    • She found her keys, their familiar jingle rattling her.
    • There came a teasing jingle sound and the youth smiled eagerly.
    • He opened the glass door to leave, which resulted in a familiar jingle, breaking the persistent silence.
    • Spasms of alto sax meet the outer edge of the record, accompanied by the jingle of a music box and the rattle of metal shards dropping to the floor.
    • She pushed past him and the bell gave a light jingle once more.
    • Then he realized it was the jingle of harness as Hoss and Joe pulled back into the yard.
    • The sound of horses stopping and the jingle of the reigns is all she hears.
    • I could hear a jingle of keys and the bar doors opening.
    • All this happened at a time when other High Street retailers have been listening to the satisfying jingles of ringing cash registers.
    • Drake took a tight grip of the man's shoulders, but couldn't stop him from falling onto his side and rolling over onto his back with a metal jingle.
  • 2

    jingle (publicitario) masculine
    • Luckily, the peddlers of this dangerous message haven't come up with a catchy jingle.
    • But I wasn't surprised that the insistent commercial jingles of her childhood remained embedded in her brain.
    • Laurie undergoes a series of trials, trying to find some backbone against his phobias, while singing TV jingles.
    • You can read about the escapade, with annoying advertising jingle here.
    • In their mouths it sounds like an ad jingle.
    • Ronnie, the bass player, has made a fortune writing advertising jingles.
    • An appropriate gift for the people of Taiwan, a ‘gift that goes on giving’ as the advertising jingle says, would be a true bill of rights.
    • Nowadays on every street corner you cannot escape the irritating jingle of the dreaded ringtone!
    • Evil Gazebo could write jingles for products that haven't been marketed yet.
    • His newscasts are announced by a familiar jingle, and the newsroom is a white antiseptic box.
    • We sing jingles, eat media recommended food and rely on the media to communicate with our dear ones.
    • After thousands of ad jingles, her voice became known enough to get chances of TV serials.
    • If you remember this radio jingle, well, you're cool.
    • We can sing the jingles of our favorite brands.
    • He went on to a varied career which included writing jingles and having some success acting.
    • When the neighborhood children learned of this, they began to make fun of him by singing jingles.
    • They drive SUVs and talk in advertising jingles.
    • Michael, it turns out, works freelance, as a composer of radio jingles.
    • But that doesn't make such a catchy jingle, does it, Bob?
    • I want a link for the Mr. Machine TV commercial jingle.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    it's kept the cash registers jingling ha hecho que las registradoras no paren de sonar
    • The explosives jingled loudly in the night air and the soldier turned in surprise.
    • As the bell on the door jingled, Muller looked up from the counter.
    • He sat back in the driver's seat and played with the keys, which jingled lightly.
    • Male dancers stomp and leap while waving pieces of cloth and jingling bells.
    • They jingled loudly as she raised them, proceeding to unlock the cell.
    • Sophia started to tug the Guard's navy dress coat, lightly jingling the badges on her left breast pocket.
    • She had run out the door with my keys jingling in her hands.
    • She flexed her left wrist at Cath, and more bracelets jingled against her black athletic watch.
    • Coins jingled freely in his pocket as he strolled toward the man and his cart.
    • The group of sleigh bells hung above the door jingled merrily as Wendy and Samantha entered the general store.
    • Her looped earrings jingled lightly as she shook her head every so often.
    • Hearing her earrings jingling, I easily pictured her nodding like a lapdog.
    • The door jingled merrily as Maria pushed it open.
    • Candace walked silently beside us, earrings jingling with each step.
    • Her ankle bracelets jingle as she paces the Persian carpet.
    • They walked down to the car that way, Aaron's keys jingling in his pocket.
    • Gold jewelry jingled softly around her neck and wrists.
    • Coins jingled into the dust followed by jewelry, daggers, and knives.
    • I felt the coins jingling in my pockets.
    • Eva stood, flinging her arms up in the air, her bracelets jingling like tiny silver bells.

transitive verb

  • 1

    hacer sonar