Translation of jitters in Spanish:


nervios, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɪtəz//ˈdʒɪdərz/

plural noun


  • 1

    nervios masculine
    he got the jitters le entró el canguelo Spain informal
    • first-night jitters los nervios del estreno
    • Tonight, terror jitters are spreading throughout the world.
    • But corporates are nervous and Wall Street has the jitters.
    • We definitely had a few nervous jitters brought on by the unknown of what or who was down there waiting for us to fly overhead.
    • Now that the first day of school is out of the way, the next thing on the calendar sure to cause the jitters is school picture day.
    • Oddly enough, missing the first shot seemed to shake off the jitters.
    • It was probably due to nervous jitters or exhaustion, but the boys almost seemed uncomfortable to be up on stage.
    • However, spirits were high by the end as the Jags shook off their jitters to record a deserved victory.
    • Ewing and Davis fluctuate between nervous jitters and cautious optimism, with the first day of the inaugural event only a few days away.
    • The half is when the jitters and fears you've been dealing with during rehearsal must be exorcised.
    • And that should really give security moms the jitters.
    • The book addresses subjects from exam-eve tensions to jitters before making a business presentation and everyday anxieties.
    • ‘It's always stressful,’ she confirms of the opening-night jitters.
    • The rush by Republicans and Democrats to corral Latino voters has touched off nervous jitters among some black politicians and leaders.
    • As far as opening nights go, there were no signs of jitters or stage fright.
    • Anthony lost the first set 3-6, and defeat seemed certain as he looked desperate to shake off the jitters to trail 1-4 in the second set.
    • ‘The passing of King Fahd is obviously going to put some jitters into the market overall,’ said Kim Iskyan, head of research at MDM Bank.
    • Still, there are occasional signs that our jitters, our fears, and our suppressed anger could grow into something like a political force.
    • Of course, they would be nervous with new-job jitters.
    • Voters report jitters at the thought of terrorists targeting nuclear plants.
    • The jitters sent through the government by recent protests are leading to the implementation of even more intrusive and innovative censorship and control tools.