Translation of job description in Spanish:

job description

descripción del puesto, n.


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    descripción del puesto feminine
    • Make sure you get a job description which clearly defines your role and responsibility while at camp.
    • In reality, we should make all employees feel valued no matter what their job description.
    • I once wrote a job description for the papacy and said the pope should be a hopeful, holy man who smiles.
    • We've made the same mistakes as many other people have with the job description and other items.
    • Without a job description to figure out who might be qualified for these pithy posts, the best one can do is hop on the Internet.
    • I wrote a little for the current job description, but I'll need to do a lot of tweaking on that.
    • Part of the mystery comes from the fact that the job description is changing.
    • Arnie's back trying to fulfill his job description as God's faithful mercenary.
    • Does he feel it's part of his job description to speak out?
    • That means, right now, part of his job description is helping his employees get to work and get home.
    • It was the responsibilities of the job description that tended to stress me out.
    • Controlling crowds and helping old ladies find public conveniences is not normally in their job description.
    • Who wants to be exposed to public ridicule and contempt as part of their job description?
    • Two weeks ago, we received the following job description for Mackaiser.
    • When it's in the job description that you must witness men and women being put to death, there are perhaps few who would accept the contract.
    • The Feds update the job description and send it to human resources.
    • They also want six copies of your CV and a cover letter outlining how you meet the job description's criteria.
    • Employees may be asked to undertake work outside their job description.
    • A job description has been compiled with help from existing matrons and hospital bosses to provide a consistent approach to the role.
    • Cleanliness at the hospital is in my job description and I have the responsibility for it.