Translation of jobless in Spanish:


desempleado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɑbləs//ˈdʒɒbləs/


  • 1

    sin trabajo
    en paro Spain
    cesante Chile
    • Germany's comparatively high jobless figure is also a reflection of the way the country compiles its data.
    • Well over 10 million people were jobless in the face of savage inflation.
    • And as anyone who has found herself jobless knows, it was a rough landing.
    • She also noted that as a result of restructuring and retrenchments, a lot of people had been left jobless.
    • A similar result was recorded in Tasmania, where the jobless rate rose to 8.5 per cent.
    • The advent of safety razors has rendered local barbers jobless.
    • Also, workers laid off from part-time jobs should be eligible for jobless benefits.
    • In the last 13 years, 13 prominent units have closed down, rendering 10,000 people jobless.
    • Millions in the armed services found themselves jobless between 1955 and 1960.
    • The weekly jobless claims this week came in lower than expected.
    • The jobless figures indicate that the current economic upturn has a quite peculiar character.
    • Russell intends to leave him jobless for a while.
    • Being jobless, I used to attend all the meetings of the Cultural conference.
    • The truth is that Europeans like early retirement, high jobless benefits and long vacations.
    • According to the Labor Department, 8,594,000 workers are officially jobless.
    • And while we see our economy recovering slowly, it's a jobless recovery.
    • Her second daughter was also infected but recovered and has been jobless ever since.
    • Miami, Florida, with a 7.4 percent jobless rate, had the second highest in the nation.
    • Live registers figures for March show that there are now over 1000 people jobless in Listowel.
    • She was left jobless, with a child to take care of.

plural noun

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    the jobless los desempleados / desocupados
    • before noun the jobless total el número total de desempleados