Translation of jockey in Spanish:


jockey, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɑki//ˈdʒɒki/

nounPlural jockeys

  • 1

    jockey feminine
    jinete feminine

intransitive verbjockeys

  • 1

    to jockey for sth
    • they are all jockeying for the post están todos compitiendo por / disputándose el puesto
    • with her retirement coming up, many editors are jockeying for position al acercarse su jubilación, muchos redactores están tratando de ubicarse
    • Political, ethnic and religious groups are jockeying for position.
    • Meanwhile, Beazley is back and jockeying for position.
    • They certainly seem focused on the needs and aspirations of a real customer, rather than jockeying for celebrity endorsements.
    • Others who have been waiting in the wings will be licking their chops, jockeying for space, for acceptability among the masses.
    • Mujahideen warlords fought each other, jockeying for power.
    • Good Earth is so successful it's bulging inside and out, with delivery trucks jockeying for space in the alley and customers from afar lined up to park.
    • While there is jockeying for control among these clans, the overall effect is for them to sustain one another in power.
    • As the trade market heats up, the National League East contenders - all five of 'em - are jockeying for position.
    • Dallas can't afford either to be coughing up points to their Western conference competitors while jockeying for playoff position.
    • But for now, Sharpton and Moseley Braun are jockeying for position in preparation for the fight to come.
    • Powerful members of the Executive Council were jockeying for position to succeed Tung as the next Chief Executive, Cheng claimed.
    • We hear endlessly this talk of a power struggle, different factions jockeying for position.
    • Already, local warlords, sensing the Taliban's days are numbered, are jockeying for power.
    • Over 170,000 have voted since the poll began on Sunday 20 October and competition is intense with the ten contenders jockeying for position.
    • I can see some editors already jockeying for position.
    • If there was a league table in his mind in which politics, the GAA and religion were jockeying for position, they might well land in that order.
    • Matt pushed his way to the bar jockeying for position.
    • Hands in pockets, they stand around jostling, jockeying for place, small fights breaking out and calming.
    • Many powers jockeying for advantage meant shifting alliances and almost constant war.
    • I passed several filling stations on my way home where the forecourts were jammed with vehicles jockeying for position at the pumps.

transitive verbjockeys

  • 1

    to jockey sb into/out of sth
    • we jockeyed them into a position where they had to accept los acorralamos de tal forma que tuvieron que aceptar
    • he was jockeyed out of the chairmanship lograron quitarle la presidencia a base de maniobras
    • Forget Tom Cruise jockeying his F - 14 Tomcat fighter like a cowboy on amphetamines.
    • They live in Florida, while he jockeys his schedule to get home once a month.
    • It is a competition where the elite use personal connections to jockey their cronies into key positions and thus win power and influence.
    • You can't buy it in a bottle, hire a custom applicator to put it on or a molecular geneticist to jockey genes for it around in a lab.
    • He hummed to himself as he jockeyed the truck alongside the pumps.
    • It went down like this: In mid-January Darren was jockeying the phones at Atlantic Records on a weeklong temp assignment.
    • Our pilot, Lt. Glenn Jorgenson, restarted number two and attempted to gain power by jockeying the supercharger controls back and forth.
    • There will always be oppression, people who jockey themselves into positions to control and exploit others.
    • He's diminutive enough to jockey a horse, but he's tough enough to wear down a defense.
    • Throttling back I jockeyed my plane to the German's tail and blanketed his port side with fire.
    • If jockeying a joystick isn't for you, we've included three of our favorite new books - one for the fan, one for the thinker and one for the kids.
    • He may know how many units he can offer in his effort to jockey someone else into centre position.
    • We intended to jockey our own luggage and weight was a serious consideration.
    • So, are we being exploited twice over by parties who only want to jockey us into voting for them?
    • You may then be able to jockey your way to victory, or you may be willing or compelled to accept a draw.