Translation of jocose in Spanish:


jocoso, adj.

Pronunciation /dʒoʊˈkoʊs//dʒəˈkəʊs//dʒəˈkoʊs/



  • 1

    • July is one of the most popular jocund, jocose, and jocular months of the year.
    • Jorgen Kiil plays the jocose patriarch, an ageing, overweight male nurse.
    • The continental peoples are grave, compared with our jocose fellow citizens, and especially in their hours of business.
    • Asked if he could afford a lawyer, he became jocose.
    • He would have tried to persuade him in a very jocose way.
    • Hayden's grappling with these issues led to sometimes jocose observations, as recounted here.
    • But behind the jocose mood was a serious determination that farmers were sticking to their protest.
    • If Janeites tend towards punctiliousness, Dickensians have a penchant for the jocose.