Translation of jocund in Spanish:


jocundo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɒk(ə)nd//ˈdʒɑkənd//ˈdʒəʊk(ə)nd//ˈdʒoʊkənd/


archaic, literary

  • 1

    jocundo literary
    • Within a few months, he was his usual jocund self, and growing like an aurochs.
    • Accordingly, take in perfect part all I write and do; revere the cheese-shaped brain which feeds you this noble flummery; strive diligently to keep me ever jocund.
    • I remember the advice given by the make-up artist François from Elizabeth Arden: ‘The jocund mouth gives the true chic.’
    • ‘Sit in the Sun’ and ‘By the Cathedral’ tug at opposing emotions, at once jocund and unsettling.
    • And I felt that if I was this happy in life, my life would be permanently happy and jocund.
    • July is one of the most popular jocund, jocose, and jocular months of the year.
    • He was always jocund and grinning, while I always just stare in annoyance.
    • But Eve, ‘heightened as with wine, jocund and boon’, hastens to tell Adam her good news.