Translation of jog in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dʒɑɡ//dʒɒɡ/

transitive verbjogging, jogged

  • 1

    she jogged his elbow just as … le dio en el codo justo cuando …
    • stop jogging the table! ¡deja de mover / sacudir la mesa!
    • he jogged the cup out of my hand me empujó y me hizo tirar la taza

intransitive verbjogging, jogged

  • 1

    • 1.1(run)

      • I grabbed a ratty towel from the outhouse bathroom and jogged away in the direction of the creek.
      • Sivan had to nearly jog to keep up with the contingent of brood warriors.
      • I swirled around to face him and saw as he jogged up to catch up with me.
      • At the gym, Megan started off by walking and jogging on the treadmill for 30 minutes.
      • I jogged on the spot, making a futile attempt to slow my heart beat.
      • If you can't exercise or jog for 20 minutes, simply go as far as you can.
      • Digging his keys out of his pocket, he jogged lightly up the last few steps.
      • When I opened the door, I started jogging lightly up the stairs.
      • She jogged down the hall, her eyes blazing somewhere between anger and relief.
      • Waving, he jogged off down the hallway in the opposite direction, leaving me gaping like a fish.
      • The two jogged for the next few minutes before Rilke floated over.
      • "Goodnight Kurt, " she smiled, and then jogged out to the car.
      • I think I'm gonna go outside and jog for 5 minutes.
      • And he took off jogging in the direction of the kennels.
      • Paul jogged down the corridor trying to find his way to the emergency meeting point.
      • He put the six pack on the ground, and started jogging back down the hallway.
      • Eight minutes later, Erica came jogging down the corridor to where they were.
      • Mike jogged up the steps close behind her, refusing to be left alone.
      • And then, to my even greater astonishment, he turns and starts jogging back up the stairs.
      • Without another word, Meg jogged off down the hallway.

    • 1.2(for exercise, enjoyment)

      hacer footing
      hacer jogging
      to go jogging salir a correr / a trotar

    • 1.3(progress slowly)

      to jog along ir avanzando sin prisas

  • 2

    (jolt, jerk)
    the bicycle jogged along the road la bicicleta iba dando tumbos por el camino
    • the needle jogged out of its groove la aguja saltó del surco


  • 1

    • 1.1(for exercise, enjoyment)

      to go for a jog salir a correr / a trotar / a hacer footing / jogging
      • Take him on a vigorous run or jog in the morning before you leave.
      • It was coincidentally a really nice morning and she was going out for her daily morning jog.
      • Still breathing heavy from her brisk, morning jog, she sauntered into the kitchen for a bottle of water.
      • One day while doing his morning jog he was hit by a train.
      • My mother came back from her jog just as I was exiting the yard.
      • He has his diamonds and ankle weights on and he's going for a jog.
      • Before leaving for her morning jog, Jessica gives the girl a quick hug.
      • She was asking him where she could go for a jog in the morning.
      • Thoughts of Dara kept him awake most of the night, and if that wasn't bad enough, even his morning jog failed to invigorate him.
      • After a quick bite to eat I go for a 20 minute jog followed by an hour and a half of weight training.
      • If your evenings are in the bar or out clubbing then forget leaping out of bed for a quick jog in the morning!
      • Brijesh occasionally met people on his morning jog.
      • Then she changes into workout clothes and we head out for a morning jog.
      • Pradeep's fitness regime on most days includes a morning jog of at least seven km and a balanced diet with plenty of proteins and fluids.
      • It was early enough so that there were very few tourists around, and the people who could be seen were like us, out for a morning jog or power walk.
      • He is up at 5.30 a.m. for a jog and a 30-minute workout in the gym.
      • After my morning jog, I felt ready to face the day.
      • Joan smirked as she paced herself during her morning jog.
      • Blake would usually be outside doing an early morning jog.
      • I have to head off and buy a new pair of boots and take a morning jog.

    • 1.2(pace)

      trote masculine
      she set off at a jog salió trotando / al trote
      • Then he went after her, exchanging his usual loping gait for a jog.
      • As he quickened his pace to a jog, he saw a swift shape dart up a curling stairway.
      • Trek mounted up and worked 18 year old Anni into a warm-up jog towards the trail on the hill.
      • I still had that jumpy, energetic feeling I'd had that morning, so I started off at a jog in the direction of Andy's house.
      • Even though she was running flat out, Seung was able to keep up with her pace at a brisk jog.
      • But all of a sudden you realized, the jog became a sprint, and he wasn't slowing down.
      • Her face automatically brightened and her pace increased into a jog.
      • He sighed with relief and slowed his sprint to a jog.
      • Feeling better, Noca increased her pace to a jog.
      • Tears were falling down her face as her jog turned into a sprint.
      • He picks up the pace to what would be a comfortable jog for him, but in reality, a really, really painstakingly fast run for me.
      • She broke out into a jog and rushed towards the man nearing the comic store.
      • We started out at a jog, trying to warm up and pace ourselves.
      • Suddenly, Urlacher steps over one of the fences, breaks into a jog down an embankment and on to the field.
      • She approached it cautiously, slowing her pace down to a jog.
      • A thumping in the distance made him tense with fear and he slowed his pace to a jog.
      • In fact, she almost seemed to increase her pace to a jog, with Becky following suit a moment after her.
      • In particular, consumers are up and running again, although perhaps at more of a jog than a sprint.
      • He heard the bell ring for the last 200m, kicked, and slowed to a jog after crossing the finish line in first.
      • At the sight of this event, the opponent became worried and quickened his pace into nearly a jog.

  • 2

    she gave his arm a jog le sacudió el brazo
    • the film gave his memory a jog la película le refrescó la memoria
  • 3US

    (in direction)
    the road makes a jog to the left el camino de pronto tuerce a la izquierda