Translation of John in Spanish:



  • 1

    John the Baptist/Evangelist San Juan Bautista/Evangelista
    • John 6,31 (San) Juan 6,31
    • John Q Public el ciudadano medio / de a pie

Translation of john in Spanish:


baño, n.

Pronunciation: /dʒɑn//dʒɒn/



  • 1informal

    baño masculine
    retrete masculine
    meadero masculine informal humorous
    váter masculine Spain informal
    • Are we supposed to be proud of them for using the portable john?
    • Hey don't worry, I've seen more people puking in the john than I want to admit.
    • Jets owner Leon Hess felt the city parks department, which operated Shea Stadium, did not provide enough portable johns for fans tailgating in the parking lot before games.
    • The Mississippi also had trough type urinals and unwalled johns in the heads, and salt water showers.
    • Other symbolism occurs as well, such as almost all the johns being named John, along with the star and two other characters.
    • Every one of the eight guest rooms has its own john and shower, and there's a raised open-air common kitchen and sitting room.
    • I can get that kind of stuff a lot more efficiently by browsing the WSJ ‘Personal Journal’ section when I'm in the john.
    • He told me that he was going to the john and left me alone in the control room.
    • The cab has two beds, a john, VCR, DVD, Playstation, and who knows what else.
    • All of us happy to be there, with or without food or showers or johns.
    • ‘I actually had a guy standing under my bathroom window one day while I'm sitting on the john,’ Monica says.
  • 2slang

    (prostitute's client)
    putero masculine informal
    putañero masculine informal
    • I'll agree to legalising prostitutes if they have big markers placed on them, so the johns and regular people will know who they are.
    • The list, part newsletter, part community event forum, contains descriptions of johns to be avoided.
    • The Saloon Madam sings and the whores seem to really love their johns.
    • You are like the prostitute that hates herself in the morning and yet goes out the next night to take the rich johns ' money.
    • City officials are considering a ‘red light district’ pilot project where adult hookers could openly solicit - though their johns could still be arrested.
    • This guy hangs out on the street with his video camera, and when he sees a prostitute pick up a john, he follows them and gets it on tape.
    • I knew which johns had good food, and I would go with the ones that fed me well, not the ones offering the speedball.
    • However, johns or even pimps were never the men I feared most.
    • She could go out, do things, and return home when a john called.
    • There are memoirs by teenage prostitutes, but not johns.
    • I refused to see my john any more, but after a five-year relationship (so to speak), he did not take my ‘no’ seriously.
    • Some women are afraid to walk the streets of their own neighbourhood for fear of being harassed by johns in passing cars.
    • Although they want to keep prostitutes out of jail, the panellists couldn't say the same for pimps and johns.
    • Back in the car he tells me she's a prostitute and that was her john and she's using her pad for tricks.
    • ‘And here,’ Michael Walters says with the quiet weariness of a veteran tour guide, ‘is where they often take their johns.’
    • Despite the widespread belief of my older johns that all prostitutes were lesbians and vice versa, I found little overlap of those two communities.
    • The johns that call are then warned of the future consequences of such behaviour.
    • The answer seems to depend on who is being scrutinised - the prostitute or the john.
    • Hookers, johns, drunks, drug dealers and police are familiar sights in this area, which has seven schools within a two-block radius.
    • The real enemies, for Ross, aren't the johns or the violent clients, or even the police, but feminists and government aid staff.