Translation of John Doe in Spanish:

John Doe

persona inidentificada, n.



  • 1

    Law Medicine
    persona inidentificada feminine
    • These ISPs charged all but nine of the defendants as John Does at the time the suits were filed.
    • For prosecutors, indicting John Does through their DNA might seem more than fair.
    • More to the point, if he really does want to use the DMCA to subpoena the information why not file a John Doe lawsuit and then subpoena the information?
    • Filing a John Doe complaint is ‘taking a belt-and-suspenders approach,’ the county attorney said.
    • ‘We have arrest warrants for everybody that we want to arrest, including the John Does,’ she said.
  • 2informal

    el típico americano
    el americano medio
    • Look, I was at the morgue last night, yeah, but I never saw this John Doe, or anyone else.
    • The lawsuit does not mention the names of players or exact dates; it simply lists 500 players as John Does 1 to 500.
    • The company said the John Does posted ‘defamatory and disparaging material misrepresentations.’
    • They're simply interviews that were trying to obtain the location of a John Doe.
    • Dan, we only have a few seconds left, but there has been some speculation in resent days, fresh speculation, about a John Doe number two.
    • I dunno, you've never dated and next thing I know I see you making out with some John Doe.
    • It was almost as if this John Doe had not even existed.
    • Here the Josephines and Mataywenes and Boulevesses might just as well be John Does.
    • They're running tests on a John Doe who bears a striking resemblance to Sonny Corinthos.