Translation of joint in Spanish:


articulación, n.

Pronunciation /dʒɔɪnt//dʒɔɪnt/


  • 1

    articulación feminine
    his shoulder was out of joint tenía el hombro dislocado
    • the blow put her elbow out of joint se le dislocó el codo con el golpe
    • An artificial hip joint consists of three parts, the ball, the bearing and the cup.
    • Then follow with some easy stretching to warm the joints, muscles and connective tissue.
    • Her right leg is wasted and her knee joint is swollen, shiny and huge in comparison to the other.
    • The soft tissue structures around the joint play a vital role in the stability of the shoulder.
    • The most freely moving joints are the synovial joints.
    • She presented with a history of a painful right ankle joint since childhood with no history of injury.
    • Pathogenic cold may also cause a common cold with symptoms of sore aching joints and headache.
    • The symphysis pubis is the joint that connects the two coxal bones at this area.
    • You may feel very hot and have painful inflamed joints.
    • Cortisone remarkably relieved inflamed, swollen joints after just a few days of use.
    • The ligaments are tissues that connect the bones at the joints.
    • Cut at an angle to create shapes the length of the first joint of your index finger.
    • First of all, because the body produces higher levels of hormones, the connective tissues around the joints soften.
    • To help his recovery, Johnson had injections in December to lubricate the joint.
    • The exercise will move stiff shoulder joints and stretch muscles in the waist.
    • The shoulder is a ball and socket joint and the most mobile joint in the human body.
    • Our results showed that beginners were characterized by strong couplings between the joints of the lower limbs.
    • You want to be able to get the distal joint of your trigger finger onto the trigger.
    • His elbow and shoulder joints ache, but he still labors through the workouts.
    • In addition to being held together by ligaments, synovial joints are also stabilized by the muscles around the joints.
    • Like those of the shoulder, hip and knee joint replacement rates are only increasing.
    • Tantalum is used for sutures, and steel in artificial hip joints.
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    • 2.1(point of joining)

      unión feminine
      junta feminine
      (in woodwork) ensambladura feminine
      (in woodwork) unión feminine
      (in woodwork) junta feminine
      • Builders are often sloppy with the mortar joints between bricks when they know they will be hidden behind plaster.
      • The door is made with simple but strong half-lap joints, using just a few basic hand tools and a circular saw.
      • The mortar joints between the bricks also have their own color and texture.
      • After old caulk is removed, new caulk can then be applied to all joints in the window frame and the joint between the frame and the wall.
      • Tape the joints with drywall tape and finish the patch with joint compound.
      • For any other grout joints with other types of tiles we would use a sanded grout which holds up better when the grout lines are wider.
      • Set the tiles using plastic spacers to maintain desired grout joints.
      • He noted that the mortar joint between the top of the brick and the underside of the plate was solid.
      • Look for loose joints or other structural problems with the system, and repair them as needed using pop rivets.
      • If the color isn't acceptable, we'd suggest you seal just the joints using a foam paintbrush to apply the material.
      • Then run the round part of your hammer handle or screwdriver shank tightly up the joint to seal any gap that may be left.
      • Thanks to a new joint and crossbar arrangement for the car's load-bearing structure, the bodyshell stiffness is increased by 25 percent over its predecessor.
      • The thickness of perpend and bed joints varies considerably, and perpend joints do not line up.
      • The new content includes masonry anchors, control joints and roof copings.
      • Splits are also common at joints within the expansion joint cover itself.
      • Or, you can seal the joint with duct tape placed lengthwise all along the seams and end joints.
      • He soon knew every inch of the 1400 parts of the bridge and spent years filing the multitude of dovetail joints which hold the construction together.
      • The most effective joints for moisture resistance are concave, v-shaped, and weathered joints.
      • Seal joints between the wall and your new tub with silicone caulk as protection against water seepage.
      • For outdoor use, most manufacturers recommend that the joints be sealed with a non-acidic silicone glue.
      • The counter flashing, which overlaps the base flashing, is imbedded and sealed in the chimney's masonry joints.
      • The joint between the door frame and the exterior and interior walls can be as much as an eighth of an inch gap.

    • 2.2(part that joins)

      empalme masculine
      conexión feminine
      empate masculine Colombia

  • 3

    a joint of lamb/pork un trozo de cordero/cerdo para asar
    • the Sunday joint el asado del domingo
    • And since the joint of meat was large enough to feed a family several times over, there was almost a routine to the week's menus.
    • Half-past one on the dot, after my dad had returned from the pub, the joint of meat would be ceremoniously carved.
    • A few minutes earlier I had placed a basketball-sized joint of beef in the fork of a tree five feet off the ground.
    • If you have ever hacked into a joint of meat you will know it is difficult to cut through bone.
    • She would get a huge joint of beef or lamb for about two shillings and they would put 2lb of sausages in for free.
    • Turn the meat and cook until the joint is evenly browned and crusted all over.
    • Jane was in the kitchen cooking a joint of beef ready for when Daddy got home.
    • Large stew pans, shown full of joints of meat, had straight sides and flat bases.
    • West Country lambs are particularly large, and the joint is packed with meat all the way to the top of the chop.
    • Large meat joints or whole poultry need special care.
    • These included not only the normal range of meat joints and poultry, but also whole cattle and sheep.
    • And then I plainly saw, both with wonder and delight that the joint of meat did, in some places, shine like rotten wood or stinking fish.
    • The key to successful spit-roasting is to keep the coals at an even temperature, placing more coals, little and often, until the joint is cooked.
    • Deglaze with the sherry vinegar and cook until reduced by half, then return the pork joint to the pan.
    • Lukoszevieze brandishes a meat cleaver and brings it down on a substantial joint of meat.
    • The Italians had a great idea when they hit upon the idea of cooking joints of meat and pasta in the same pot.
    • Large pieces of tuna may be braised like joints of meat.
    • For me, an ideal meal would be a joint of lamb cooked in the Aga at home, with plenty of fresh vegetables from my garden.
    • Meat pies, joints of mutton, and other hearty foods are most likely to be served.
    • It's Christmas, the joint of beef is on trial, and you are about to make the best gravy of your life.
  • 4informal

    this is a crummy joint esto es un antro / un tugurio de mala muerte informal
    • don't wreck the joint! ¡no hagan destrozos!
    • nice joint you've got here no está mal tu casa (/ apartamento etc. )
    • Bloggers are blessedly uninfected by the musty Establishmentarian Air that permeates joints like Elaine's.
    • Harpo learns how to live alone, and builds a juke joint in their old home.
    • They plant the seed of a revolutionary idea for the hamburger joint - a drive-through window like those found in banks.
    • For proof, check out the entertainment joints springing up across the city.
    • Swing originated in the juke joints and rent parties of Kansas City, Chicago and Harlem.
    • The pub city has taken a hit with the 11.30 pm deadline imposed by the Police Department on entertainment joints.
    • In the wild, snakes are as ubiquitous as fast-food joints in a city.
    • The warm couple who run the joint reserves a section for celebrity habitués, although these are nowadays outnumbered by the varieties of soup.
    • But such attention to detail seemed to clash with a laminated menu, which made me think of tacky burger joints and sad little cafes.
    • Bars and juke joints have given way to day-care centers and fast-food joints.
    • As the number of entertainment joints in the resort has skyrocketed in the last three years, punters are increasingly choosy.
    • Outlaws is a big club hidden behind mattress warehouses and burger joints.
    • It's funky, she says, and not a theme park or a burger joint, and the food is good.
    • We all decided to go to another burger joint in town.
    • The furniture is composed of pink and blue plastic, the sort of material only found in fast food joints.
    • How can I insist she keep working at burger joints and fund-raiser telethons?
    • One of the stores was a burger joint based on Al, the big-nosed restaurateur of ‘Happy Days’ fame.
    • Enjoy lunch from the best fast-food joint in town - your kitchen!
    • One of the most mouth-watering of their creations is the oily chili sauce that covers the joint's bite-sized dumplings.
    • Besides, familiar faces from the silver screen and even the small screen, there will be a lot of glitterati at these burger joints.
  • 5informal

    (of marijuana)
    porro masculine slang
    churro masculine Central America informal
    canuto masculine Spain slang
    toque masculine Mexico slang
    varillo masculine Colombia slang
    pito masculine Chile slang
    • Anyone caught carrying up to 500 cannabis joints is likely to escape trafficking charges under Home Office proposals published yesterday.
    • Here a man was sent to jail for possessing enough cannabis to make 2 joints.
    • She pulled a joint out of her cigarette box and looked around to make sure nobody was watching.
    • Many of the anti-dope medical trials have been totally flawed because they focused on people smoking cannabis joints containing tobacco.
    • Last November, Ming sent cannabis joints to Dáil politicians through the post.
    • He made a good deal of money turning the plants into joints, and selling them to the local teenagers.
    • I felt the best thing to do would be to learn to roll joints, and buy my own cannabis.
    • With that she rips a piece off the page and uses it for her joint.
    • They have also stated that cannabis is in fact less addictive, and less carcinogenic than the tobacco used to roll the joints.
    • He admitted being ‘stoned’ after smoking two or three joints of cannabis, which he claimed affected his judgment.
    • But Njoh was spotted smoking a cannabis joint at the carnival and was stopped and searched by police.
    • But smoking a cannabis joint is not the same as smoking a normal cigarette.
    • Dr Corrigan said the crucial factor was the combination of cannabis and tobacco in joints resulting in ‘the worst of both worlds’.
    • Blue rolls another joint and the air grows sweeter.
    • I have smoked some joints, of course, especially during my crisis period.
    • Nick had been silently moving around the room, gathering cigarettes and joints.
    • They think they can walk around town smoking a joint and nothing will happen.
    • Every day after school, she'd smoke a joint of marijuana and then proceeded to prank call my house.
    • Benjamin said that they drove in Chris' car to Savernake Forest where between them they had smoked two or three cannabis joints.
    • He didn't normally smoke cigarettes, only joints, but this was not a normal moment, so he took one.
  • 6

    the joint la guandoca Colombia informal


  • 1

    (initiative/decision/action) conjunto
    they are joint heirs son coherederos
    • joint first prize primer premio compartido
    • it was a joint effort fue un trabajo de equipo / realizado en conjunto
    • they came joint second llegaron juntos en segundo lugar
    • joint author coautora
    • joint committee comisión mixta
    • joint interest coparticipación
    • joint owner
    • joint partner co-socio
  • 2

    the joint influence of heredity and environment la influencia del medio ambiente conjuntamente con / sumada a la de la herencia
    • our joint resources amount to ... en conjunto disponemos de ...

transitive verb

  • 1

    (chicken) cortar en trozos
    (chicken) cortar en presas Latin America
    (lamb) descuartizar
  • 2

    (boards/pipes) ensamblar