Translation of joist in Spanish:


viga, n.

Pronunciation /dʒɔɪst//dʒɔɪst/


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    viga feminine
    vigueta feminine
    • Determine the height of the new ceiling you want and install new ceiling joists from opposite roof joists.
    • The two adjustable arms attach to the ceiling joists to support the fan in the desired location.
    • Attach a block to each of the exposed joists where the joist meets the deck board using four 3-in. #8 exterior screws.
    • Otherwise, wood furring strips can be nailed to the old ceiling or joists and the new tiles are stapled to these.
    • Often, reflective insulation materials have flanges that are to be stapled to joists in attics or floors, or to wall studs.
    • Otherwise, wood furring strips are first nailed to the old ceiling or joists and the new files are stapled to these.
    • Suspended ceilings are hung from the ceiling joists with a metal grid.
    • Painted metal decking supported by steel joists forms its underside.
    • Batts are made to fit between the studs in your walls or between the joists of your ceilings or floors.
    • These strips, or tracks, are attached to the ceiling joists and support the tiles.
    • Use plywood walk boards or wooden planks over the ceiling joists for support.
    • Kip chose oriented strand board for the subfloors and sheathing, with floor joists made of a similar material.
    • There was nothing spectacular about the construction, the walls were brick and the ceiling joists heavy timber.
    • Do not step through attic floor joists onto the ceiling of the room below.
    • If you are unable to screw directly into the ceiling joists, the use of toggle bolts is permitted.
    • It's ok to nail the upper wall plates into the upper floor joists.
    • Ledgers are often placed at the same level as the floor joists of the first floor, and this automatically solves the problem.
    • Reflective systems are typically located between roof rafters, floor joists, or wall studs.
    • If your attic has metal joists, you may want to place rigid foam insulation between the joists and the ceiling drywall.
    • Then toenail the joist through the joist into the girder.