Translation of joker in Spanish:


comodín, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒoʊkər//ˈdʒəʊkə/


  • 1

    comodín masculine
    • Players may agree before the game begins that the jokers will be worth 50 points rather than 25.
    • If joker and other wild cards combine in one hand you have killed all wild cards.
    • Secondly, the only true works of art in regular playing card, are face cards the jokers and the ace of spades.
    • The first player to collect all four sevens wins. [There are no jokers in this game.]
    • In the US, sure, we had the occasional wild card on kid's TV, but man, you guys seemed to have a deck stacked with jokers. you guys seemed to have a deck stacked with jokers.
    • When played as the High Card, jokers rank as aces.
    • The values of the individual cards are as follows: The twos and jokers are wild cards.
    • However we play that if the highest card is a wild card or joker then the ‘real card’ will win.
    • Some people also use jokers as wild cards, which can represent any rank.
    • Silly me, I forgot that every deck has two jokers.
    • You Need: 2 decks of regular playing cards with jokers per person.
    • If it is a 9,8 or 7, a game of null is played without trumps, but the jokers are the highest cards of the suit of the drawn card.
    • New players may wonder what is the purpose of using a different tile as the joker for each game.
    • It is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards, plus two jokers.
    • You can also make a meld consisting entirely of wild cards - twos and jokers.
    • Face cards and the joker disqualify a player from dealing first.
    • Wild cards Twos and jokers are wild and can be used in any set or run to represent any desired card.
    • The game requires two 52 card decks with jokers, and either a different color poker chip for each player or a different size coin.
    • The joker is a wild card which can be used only as an ace, or to complete a straight, a flush or a straight flush.
    • Note that the jokers and the trump rank cards count as belonging to the trump suit.
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    • 2.1(prankster)

      bromista masculine
      who was the joker who put salt in my coffee? ¿quién fue el gracioso que le puso sal a mi café? ironic
      • For almost all Jewish writers, the master ironist, the joker, is life itself.
      • Dirt and discomfort apart, there are the eve-teasers and jokers doing their acrobatics on the footboard who stick out as the sore-thumbs.
      • Of course these jokes are not just jokes; they are a joker's definition of a writer's vocation.
      • But the joke is on the joker, as any toddler could have told him.
      • He returns with his friend, a famous African American athlete and tells the joker, ‘Tell him your funny joke.’
      • Philosophers, like jokers may shock us by using language in eccentric ways and jumping to unexpected conclusions, but there is a vast unbridgeable gulf which you admitted right at the start.
      • Anyway, you can always spot a person from Osaka as they always make bad jokes apparently - the jokers of Japan, a bit like the way that all Scousers are funny in the UK.
      • I thought he was joking, Steve was a big joker and I thought it was something he would do,’ she said.
      • ‘This place is full of jokers,’ laughed the life-long United fan.
      • That evening the poet returned, but he brought with him a dozen friends - writers of every sort, and painters, and thinkers, and jokers.
      • Wholesome families may be fine, but jokers want to be wild.
      • I suppose that's about where you want to end up with these guys, the half of them who are jokers, and the other half who set the jokers up.
      • A joker to his friends up front, but a joke to everyone else.
      • The resident Surrey-based jokers, who gave two sell out performances in Epsom in November and March, have been tickling fans with a melange of bawdy songs and set pieces since they began working together two and a half years ago.
      • Mel is the new boy, a bit of a joker.
      • Extroverts may become withdrawn, natural jokers humourless, and placid individuals short-tempered and aggressive.
      • It is easy to see this in the case of a tendentious joke in which the joker, by dressing up his obscene thoughts or aggressive impulses in humorous guise, is circumventing his own internal inhibitions.
      • It's the jokers who cover over the ashes with hot pokers stemmed from their own rebuttal, sitting around the cold coal fire in my living room, bunting one another with harsh words.
      • The jokers have been an integral part of circus since its advent in 1768 by Philip Astley an ex Cavalry officer in England.
      • A bit of a joker, Eddie has some fond memories of his time in the Home Guard.

    • 2.2informal (contemptible person)

      tipo masculine informal
      tipa feminine informal
      I'm going to give that joker a piece of my mind le voy a decir cuatro verdades a ese tipo informal
      • These jokers are trying to make everyone cranky and blaming it all on us.
      • What part of ‘Congress shall make no law’ don't these jokers understand?
      • And these jokers would have the nerve to say they are more civilized than me.
      • All around us, jokers and criminals rule the roost.
      • The response is lukewarm: the youth prefer Net jokes to messages from what they call the bunch of jokers.
      • Still I'm not letting any of these jokers write me any references or be character witnesses if I even get into trouble.
      • The Bahamian worker can ill afford to have union dues subtracted from the pay envelope, to support uneducated jokers who know nothing about economics, to bring the wheels of the economy to a standstill.
      • The playlist, as you would expect, is designed to please mum and dad, the women in the hairdressing salon and the jokers hard at work at the service station.
      • In the veritable fashion parade, which goes on, teachers are jokers and the butt of all pranks.
      • Those two jokers may be happy in their never-never land, but it's time they recognised reality.
      • So most of these jokers are finding charities to give the contaminated cash to.
      • These jokers that have been floating around these boardrooms, they waddle off to their next cup of tea or whatever and that's it.
      • Now that home ownership characterizes that crowd, Microsoft employs some of those jokers.
      • These jokers deserve to go out of business, the sooner the better.
      • I have enough trouble finding a spare plug for the Christmas tree without going a whole month without the stereo, how do these jokers manage it?
      • It comes from so many people's frustration about how many ways these jokers have tried to use this stuff to divide this country and manipulate it for narrow political ends.
      • The system is designed so that you don t get jokers going for election, but it would make far more sense if I could get a petition signed or something like that.
      • But the time has surely come to blow the whistle on these jokers.
      • Really, given the spurious arguments these jokers advance for and against the cross, this is as good a compromise as we can possibly get.
      • The sense is that when you put on the shirt, you are there to do a job, and there's no space for jokers.
      • All these jokers not only want to have their cake and eat it too, but smash it in the public's face.
      • They mocked them and saw them as jokers or losers.